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    Natalie Deime

    Alias(es): N/A
    Gender: Female
    Species: Black Dragon
    Age: ??? (Looks and acts late 20s, human age.)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class: Adventurer
    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Natalie most often appears as a somewhat short Asian looking woman in her late-twenties, thanks to her shape-shifting. Her skin is pale, and she has narrow eyes colored violet. Her hair is black, and usually slightly kinky, as opposed to the ramrod straightness endemic to true Asians, but varies in length and styling almost daily. It helps that she has polymorphing powers to help it along. Occasionally appears as other animals, but usually has strong dislike to taking forms that are not her natural form, or human form, viewing the forms of most creatures inferior, at least in the situations usually presented to her. On the rare occasion she does turn into a cat or something to slip through a small gap, her animal forms are typically black in coloration (if applicable) and always have violet eyes to match her natural form.

    Equipment: Natalie's standard adventuring gear consists of a white halterneck top and a black bomber jacket, over black pants and heavy boots. A bandoleer with ammunition and random bits and bobs is slung over the top. A sword scabbard on her left hip, a gun holster on her right. Dagger in boot, and knives in jacket. The gun is a modern looking magnum revolver, chosen due to the fact it accommodates custom ammunition better than a semi-automatic. The sword is a rather simple arming sword.

    Abilities: Mysterious Dragon PowersTM. That is all. Okay, maybe not. Her breath weapons are frosty breath and spooky breath. You know, like that fear toxin in Batman Begins, except it comes from her mouth. Is somewhat skilled with sorcery, with a knack for enchantment. She's a rather skilled adventurer, and she prefers her human form to her dragon form, which leads her to have developed proficiency in swordplay and gunplay both. Her fighting style is quick and athletic, occasionally drawing on agility and strength usually not possessed by humans. Has dabbled in the bardic arts, and while she found them not entirely to her liking, has occasionally drawn upon her learned talents.

    Backstory: Natalie had always preferred the adventurer's lifestyle better than the typical dragon one, consisting of eating, sleeping, counting gold, and occasionally leaving to kidnap the odd princess. Combined with the startling lack of parenting that goes on with most dragons, Natalie managed to become self-sufficient relatively early, taking human form to travel with bands of adventurers. And often outlasting them too, as they found themselves in over their heads, and Natalie found herself invariably surviving certain TPK, thanks to being a dragon. The first few times had given Natalie a strong feeling of survivor's guilt, but eventually she learned to cope, shrugging off the deaths of her fellow adventurers, and never allowing herself to form close bonds. This lasted up until the point where she realized she was adventuring solo more than she was with a party, and eventually decided to just make it a conscious choice and strike out her on her own. Eventually her travels brought her to the center of the Nexus. And here she is (and will probably stay).

    Miscellaneous: Kid Kris style dragons.
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