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    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tiefling
    Age: 62 (33 by human reckoning, looks mid-twenties)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil Funky
    Class: Assassin
    Power Rating: C+

    A red-haired, dark-skinned tiefling, with the little pointy horns and the arrowhead tail and stuff, who usually wears a sleeveless leather jerkin, and leather pants and leather boots, or else a military dress uniform of some description, as well as a pair of black gauntlets that go up to the elbow. More recently, Kal has undergone a minor transformation, his fingers are clawed, and his eyes solid orange. The fiendish features of his face have also been pronounced slightly, giving him an otherworldly air of aristocracy and refinement, and hints of scales can be found at the edges of the face, the neck, the shoulders, the base of the tail. The gauntlets are in themselves quite unusual, in that rather than simply being bits of metal, cloth and leather stitched together, they seem to be rather intricate clockwork mechanisms, little gears ticking and tocking, driven by a curious orange fire that on closer inspection are revealed to be THE BURNING REMAINS OF DAMNED AND TORTURED SOULS.
    He also has a hat! Yay! But then stupid SAINT went and blew it up! Boo! But then he got it back for Thanksmas! Yay!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Kris View Post
    OMGHAT! Only the feather is red and sort of on fire (it's a phoenix feather). And without the ridiculous shirt.
    And lastly, on his left shoulder blade he has a tattoo of a black rose flower.

    Aside from a few daggers, the only weapons of note that Kal possesses, are his

    Infernas Gauntlets
    A gift from the Succubus Queen Morgana, these are made of a high-grade helliron, and are capable of shifting their shape to an extent due to internal clockwork mechanisms, producing razor-sharp claws that Kal can slash with, or even retracting the 'glove' part entirely into protective clockwork bracers, allowing Kal to use his hands normally. Like all of Morgana's Clockwork creations, they are animated by the souls of the Damned, split across the two gauntlets, which prevent them from being worn by anybody else, lest they be consumed, and also allow Kal to shoot blasts of Hellfire from his palms, or produce Hellfire weapons and manipulate Hellfire, as a full-blooded fiends or powerful half-fiend would be able to.

    And two small hatchets, one being generically magical, the other with a Dispelling charm on it.

    Being a Black Lotus, Kal is incredibly skilled with weapons and combat of various types, as well as stealth, infiltration, and protection. He's skilled in various martial arts, including one created by the Master of the Black Lotus Academy, which revolves not around self-defense and combat, but around the defense of a charge.
    Curiously, he also seems to be highly resistant to magic and supernatural abilities of all sorts, friendly or malign. Most spells simply bounce off him, and even some of the most powerful do little but knock him about. It takes the most epic magic to harm him properly. Psionics are exempt from this.

    Grandson of Succubus Mistress Morgana, Lady of the Clockwork Fortress, Kal has always been something of a preferred child, raised higher than his fellows (though considering how much Morgana gets around, it's hard to believe that there is someone in the Hell, or out of it for that matter, who isn't related to him in some way). Some say his obfuscating stupidity and mindless hedonism is an act, used to lure his enemies into a false sense of security before he destroys them. Some say he's just an idiot. Those who believe it usually don't survive.

    • Epicness is decided by me, not you. I'm sick of generic looking lightning bolts with one line of description and no build up being touted as being 'EPIC MAGIC!' No, I don't care if he's a god, or thousands of years old. If I'm not in awe when reading it, it ain't epic.
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