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    Name: Wenomir Rawicz
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Warrior
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Pissed off
    Power Level: B
    Backstory: Born in a poor, backwater village in the southern fringes of the once-glorious kingdom of Martenia, Wenomir used to be a warrior in some noble's retinue until something made him agree to take part in a dangerous alchemical experiment known as "Demonhunter project". This experiment involved injecting a group of individuals with demonic and devilish blood to turn them into perfect hunters with supernatural abilities. The experiment turned out to be a partial succes- only 40% of subjects survived, but they did become perfect killing machines capable of taking down demons that'd tear regular warriors of their skill apart. They were also neraly emotionless and obeyed their masters without question. At some point though, Wenomir's emotions began to go back. During a mission that involved cutting down some cultists who were merely misguided rather than corrupt, he snapped. He ran away without completing the task and vanished. Now he wants to stop being a killing machine and start living again. But his former masters weren't going to just let their weapon run loose. After many adventures, he finally settled down in Watchtower. He also managed to revert his demon-blood infusion and become a natural human again.
    Appearance-wise, "intimidating" is the word to describe him. Wenomir is tall, quite muscular - not overly so, though - lean and wiry. His skin is fairly dark and his entire body is covered in scars caused by various attacks, from conventional slashing and piercing blades to claws, bites, pincers and even worse things. He rarely shows any skin beyond his face and hands and parts of his arms, though. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and long. He wears it in a ponytail. His eyes are dark brown and have a very determined and strangely unmoving expression.
    As far as clothes go, Wenomir feels most comfortable in his armor, which is a long, sturdy mail. He tends to wear a black surcoat above it, but not always. He's got a few sets of padded armor to wear underneath the mail that he often wears casually as well. Apart from that, he's got an assorment of dark, dull shirts. He doesn't pay much attention to clothing.
    Personality: Wenomir is a very serious, down-to-earth person. He tends to be rather grim and sour as well as really stubborn and relentless. He believes strongly in the value of hard work and self-development, and follows a pecuilar brand of martial mysticism focused on self-perfection and emphasizing the view that if you want something, you need to earn it yourself, which he calls the search for "The Riddle of Steel". Due to that, personal experience, and remains of a frontier peasant's work ethos, he's prejudiced against those who, in his opinion, had powers, abilities or status "handed over to them". Mages and nobility in particular are objects of his scorn.
    Abilities and Equipment: Wenomir is proficient in a wide array of weapons, techniques and tactics, in addition to his overall extensive training, robust physical condition and discipline. The weapons at his disposal are:

    • Longsword - Wenomir's favourite weapon choice and one he has achieved mastery in. When wielding the long blade, he can strike with eye-blurring speed and impossible precision, performing a variety of manoeuvres, ranging from common to exotic. The longsword in his possession is the Gvalchir, a long, narrow blade made of high-quality steel enriched with other minerals. It's engraved with anti-magic runes that make it resistant to magic and help Wenomir parry spells with the sword. It also bears the Sign of Delreth to ward off eldrith abominations and was tempered in the acid of a slug-beast, which makes it nigh-unbreakable.
    • Bearded Axe - A long, swift two-handed axe, it's Wenomir's choice when precision isn't a concern and he just needs to hack something to pieces quickly. The bearded axe isn't as precise in Wenomir's hands as the longsword, but no less quick, and it packs a greater punch. Wenomir uses it to relentlessly assail an enemy and hack them up. His personal bearded axe has a blade made of the same alloy as the Gvalchir and is inscribed by the same runes.
    • Greatsword - A new addition to Wenomir's weapon rack, this sword is almost as tall as he is. Lacking the speed and flexibility of the longsword and bearded axe, it offers superior reach and powerful swing. Wenomir uses this weapon when reach and punch are what he needs. He owns an exquisitely crafted greatsword made using the same methods as his longsword and his axe.
    • Throwing kives - Wenomir's auxiliary weapon and ranged option, a set of adamantine throwing knives he keeps in the belt on his chest and throws with considerable precision when closing into the melee range is not an option. Two of the knives have properties that scramble electronics and mechanism they strike.

    A manoeuvre he can perform with all three melee weapons of his choice is the spell-parry - allowing him to parry magic spells targeting him. Wenomir's abilities and equipment not related to specific weapons are:

    • Incredible agility, speed and precision. Wenomir can move with seemingly impossible speed and perform logic-defying athletics feats, including jumping great distances and landing just where he wants to. He's also extremely skilled at dodging and evading, and often seems to effortlessly flow around enemy attacks.
    • Knowledge of tactics - Wenomir hasn't been formally trained in any sort of warrior academy or school, but years of experience have given him a good understanding of battle tactics.
    • Strong will. Wenomir's determination, discipline and concentration give him iron-clad willpower.
    • Magi-tech equipment. Wenomir has some gadgets, although he doesn't like using them. One of them is a belt that lets him teleport and slow missiles around him, and the other is a glove that can multiply force. He uses them only when he really needs them.

    In general, Wenomir is an extremely fast, precise and lethal melee fighter, who favours mobility, evasion and rapid, surgically precise strikes.
    Miscellaneous: Member of WATCHTOWER. One of the highest-ranking members in fact, even if he doesn't like it very much.
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