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    Name: Charity "Cherry" Evans

    Profession: Artist / Chromamancer

    Race: Human


    Values: Charity is a good person who is a pacifist and devout atheist. Though she has seen evidence of 'gods' in the Nexus, she doesn't believe that there was one or more intelligent forces that created the multiverse, and that very powerful beings that call themselves gods are just narcissists. As such, she despises any being that expects to be worshipped.

    Power Level: E

    Special Abilities: Knows normal first aid. Color based magic.

    Appearance: She changes her hair and eye color often, but the natural color is brown hair and hazel eyes. She has the tattoo of a pair of cherries on her left thigh. Tends towards curviness, despite the skinniness of the second avatar.

    Theme songs: We've Got Tonight and Straight from the Heart and For You

    Charity comes from RL North Carolina, and was originally horrified by the chaos and violence of Acro. She discovered her latent chromamancy though, and has really come to love the wild variety of people, though she still isn't used to the casual regard for life. She developed a habit of binge drinking and looking for males of different species to have friends-with-benefits relationships with. (What? She's an artist! She likes novelty! )

    Eventually one of her FWBs, Edijar, managed to insinuate himself into her heart to the point where she confessed that her fear of commitment is tied in to the fact that she had to have an emergency hysterectomy and she has had a lot of trouble coming to terms with her infertility. She was finally able to commit to Edijar, though she's still not very good at monogamy. She finally got help for her PTSD and stopped binge drinking.

    After a confrontation with Remnant's chief doctor, Bugs, Charity realized that pacifism wasn't enough to support her life-first values, and she started training as a medic, with the goal of eventually becoming a registered nurse.
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