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    Default Re: Nexus OoC 1: The Shape of Things to Come

    I know, double post. But I really like having an "Every Character" post. So, here it is.

    Nexus characters
    AJ - Winged woman, ex-soldier, remembers almost nothing of her past.
    Alysha - Happy-go-lucky Keyblade Warrior. Who is also a vampire.
    Base Spirits - Ten spirits from Wen Rahte, each being the embodiment of a specific Base.
    Delta 88 - Shy and timid cyborg girl who remembers nothing before she became part robot.
    Demon Queen - Former resident of Wen Rahte, she is an Abyssal Exalted with a demon bound to her. Will do what it takes to survive.
    Krystal - Mutant that produces Sharp crystals from her joints. Sees herself as a hero of sorts.
    Merna - Wife of Quinsar, former mercenary from Wen Rahte.
    Runner - Former Autobot scout, will avoid fighting if he can.
    Silva - Former mercenary from Wen Rahte. Tends to go looking for trouble.
    Syra - Reluctant Keyblade Warrior. Isn't fond of going out of her way to help, and isn't sure why the Keyblade chose her.
    Zavi and Ivaz - Twin sisters with connected life forces. Ivaz revels in the pain of others, while Zavi prefers to keep to herself.

    Naruto characters

    Supers characters

    Organized Crime characters


    Bleach Reborn characters
    Alysha - Shinigami from the 4th division. Not fond of fighting, likes helping others.
    Ivaz - Arrancar, fracción to the Octava Espada. Loves causing pain.
    Silva - Bount, usually keeps to herself. Enjoys battle.
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