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    Default Re: Nexus OoC 1: The Shape of Things to Come

    Quick reference of my characters.

    Nexus characters - Active
    Alysha - Happy-go-lucky Keyblade Warrior. Who is also a vampire.
    Darsy - Martial artist with elemental abilities. Loves fighting and drinking.
    Delta 88 - Shy and timid cyborg girl who remembers nothing before she became part robot.
    Krystal - Mutant that produces sharp crystals from her joints. Sees herself as a hero of sorts.
    Ivaz - Twin sister of Zavi. Ivaz revels in the pain of others.

    Nexus Characters - Inactive/Dead
    AJ - Winged woman, ex-soldier, remembers almost nothing of her past.
    Base Spirits - Ten spirits from Wen Rahte, each being the embodiment of a specific Base.
    Demon Queen - Former resident of Wen Rahte, she is an Abyssal Exalted with a demon bound to her. Will do what it takes to survive.
    Merna - Wife of Quinsar, former mercenary from Wen Rahte.
    Peter - Young man stuck with a strange contraption on his back.
    Ravanys - Force talented tiefling. Been living on the streets for years.
    Runner - Former Autobot scout, will avoid fighting if he can.
    Silva - Former mercenary from Wen Rahte. Tends to go looking for trouble.
    Syra - Reluctant Keyblade Warrior. Isn't fond of going out of her way to help, and isn't sure why the Keyblade chose her.
    Talia - Alt universe daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch
    Zavi - Twin sister of Ivaz. Is as skilled of a mercenary as Ivaz, but doesn't really enjoy the pain she causes.
    Zaydon - My only dead character at the moment.
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