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    Paladin Academy: Part 8

    Viola, Kurama, and Penny walked down the dirt road. A gentle wind blew, causing the trees on both sides of the path to sway slightly. On the ground, shadows from the sun trying to get through were dancing around with the wind. The trees were blooming with many delicate flowers providing a feeling of wonder. Penny was jumping up to the branches picking and scattering the flowers where ever she went. Though, this meant that Viola and Kurama had to shake flowers out of their hair regularly.
    "It feels so perfect. It's as if the entire world is celebrating the day of my first test."

    "Well, it'll probably celebrating harder tomorrow because you should have your crystal by then."

    "I can't wait!"
    She recalled back to the conversation earlier that day.


    Viola had just emerged from the locker room and found that Kurama was already at the gate fully prepared and waiting.
    "So today's the day!"

    Kurama nodded.
    "Now we just need to wait for Penny and Mordokai to tell us what we need to do for the test."

    After a little while, Penny appeared looked cheerful.
    "Finally! I'm getting out of here! It gets so boring just staying inside a fortress for so long. Anyways, speaking of boring, how much longer do we have to wait for Mordokai?"

    "Not that long, actually."
    Mordokai had appeared behind Penny almost out of nowhere. He was crossing his arms and looking down at the back of her head.

    Penny was frozen in place. With a guilty expression, here eyes moved back and forth, trying as if to see behind her without moving her head.
    "Uhhh... I was just kidding... about the 'boring' part... Mordokai."

    Mordokai shook his head, amused.
    "Uh huh. Nice try, Penny."
    He then looked up to Viola.
    "So Viola, you ready for your first test?"

    Viola nodded enthusiastically.
    "Of course! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!"

    "Good. Now as you may know, should you pass this test you'll be able to locate your own crystal among all the others in the Crystal Room."
    Viola nodded once to show she was following.
    "Now, what you're suppose to do during the first test is to listen to the paladin's call."

    Viola looked back at Mordokai blankly.
    "What? But I already heard it. That's what lead me to even being here in the first place."

    "Yes, you already heard it, but now you need to listen. What I mean is Viola, what was the call telling you when you first heard it?"

    Viola looked down in concentration. After a while, she dropped her shoulders, defeated.
    I...I don't remember.

    "That is because it was your first time hearing it. You weren't expecting the voice of the call, so you don't really remember what it says."
    She nodded again to show she was following still.
    "Now, what I want you to do is to hear the voice again and this time listen to it. You may not understand what it's saying to you exactly, but you'll be able to understand the general meaning of it."

    She looked at him a little bit puzzled.
    "But how am I suppose to hear it again and how does this allow me to find my crystal?"

    Mordokai smiled down at her.
    "It requires a little thought to understand, but it'll make sense in the end. First, how did you hear the call the first time?"

    Viola thought for a moment.
    "When that guy was holding that lady hostage. The call made me spring into action to stop him."
    Then comprehension dawned on her face.
    "Wait! Then that means I have to find someone doing something bad and the call will speak to me?"

    "That is correct."
    Viola was vaguely aware that Penny and Kurama were watching her as she was figuring everything out.
    "So now you understand why you trained with a sword so much. You need to be able to defend yourself and others around from the evil you are confronting."

    Viola stood there in awe.
    "Wow. To think that I have to fight someone evil just to hear the call."

    "Not evil nessisarily, Viola. Just doing evil things. Now, to your second question, why do you think you need to pass this test to find your crystal?"

    Viola took less time trying to connect the dots.
    "Because the call is connected to my crystal?"

    "Yes. The crystal themselves are what gives us our power and in this case our sense of existance. We exist to protect others in the name of good and rightousness. So the crystal will alert us to when some evil act is about to be commited so we can try to prevent it."
    Modokai shifted his position slightly.
    "So, when you pass the first test and hear the voice, you should be able to follow where it originated from, which would be from your crystal."

    Viola looked cheerful at this.
    "Great! Then lets go!"

    "Now hold on. I have a special place in mind for your test. There is a festival at a nearby village that is going on today. Since festivals are usually chaotic, people always try to get away with sneaky things. Some try and steal money from other peoples wallets, or someone may have had too much to drink and starts a fight with someone. This type of place is perfect for you to try and hear the call again. So that's where you three will be heading to."

    Viola stands straight at attention.


    The sun was approaching high noon when they reached the village. All around, many people were bustling around. Everywhere they looked, stalls were set up with all sorts of merchandise. Men behind them would call out to anyone passing by to come over and buy something.
    "Can you believe that one guy back there was asking me to buy dolls? Come on! I'm fourteen and wearing armor, why would I want dolls?"

    They were pushing their way through the crowd of people. Kurama was cutting a path and Penny and Viola were following behind him single file. Kurama answered back to her without turning around.
    "This is a peasants festival. Many people here are trying to earn some extra money today. They don't ask any question as long as it will lead to them selling something."

    "What I hate about all of this is all the people here."
    Penny was walking closely behind Kurama.
    "They're always bumping in to me and everything because I'm so little. And they step on my foot from time to time, too!"

    "Don't worry Penny. If Mordokai was right, we shouldn't be here long. All we have to do is wait here until Viola hears the call and stops someone from doing something bad. And since we're all here, it should be a piece of cake. Right Viola?"
    But Viola did not answer him. Kurama looked around, as did Penny, but Viola was no where in sight.

    "Where did Viola go?"

    Kurama strained his neck, trying to look over the crowd to find Viola.
    "I don't see her! Where could she have gone?!"

    Penny cupped her hands around her face and yelled.
    "VIOLA!! Viola, where are you?!"

    Kurama joined in calling out for her.
    "VIOLA!! VIOLA!!!!"
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