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Made some changes to the abilities:
--Auras: removed Baneful, split Doom into three separate auras. Lethargy remains as is, except it's more dangerous to flying creatures. I find that heavy load still doesn't provide what I seek, since I don't find any trouble having people effectively locked down because of lack of movement. Most of the insanely huge speeds are on fly speeds, so doubling the penalty on flying creatures should suffice.
Right. Well, splitting doom is probably a good idea. Although it was the only one whose power level was on par with the new Lethargy (flight being the primary way of going above 30ft).

Okay, Iíll try to approach this from another angle: This is a class with many anti-caster abilities. Why does it have an aura that requires either casting or long-ranged attacks to survive? Yes, the tactic has counters, but the class is designed to be awesome against the primary way of dealing with aura of lethargy. With the fly nuke this now hits most foes at level 18. Spells? Aura of Negation, Dissidence, etc. Magic items? Dispel magic as a first level spell. Also, enemy loot tax is good anyway.

Say, there is a second-level necromancy spell with a no save -10 to movement speed. Why not start freezing people in place at level 12? Level 8 if they are below 25 to start with. Perhaps it isnít the strongest tactic, but it is super annoying. Using the freeze-kill tactic is slow and boring but this class makes it optimal against many foes. Load up on anti-ranged attack stuff (there is a ton of it) and go to town.

Basically, the ability might not be broken, but it has been given to a class designed to counter the counter. My heavy load suggestion was weaker, yes. But why in the name of the luckless does the class need an ability that beats the crap out of slow moving foes? Or really, ďmagic-less foes that canít move really fastĒ which is what it comes down to at high levels.

Tainted Wounds: made it a 50% flat reduction on received healing. I find it's a bit more appropriate to the ability itself, plus it reminds me of an ability used on an MMORPG which adds a similar condition. (If curious: Ragnarok Online's Critical Wounds)
Looks good.

--Curse of the Fateless: decided to boost Baneful Curse of the Fateless. Now it should be roughly as strong as the other steps.
Looks fine.

--Denial of Grace/Spell Resistance: now less restrictive. Spell Resistance still has limitations, but they are less silly. Denial of Grace has no restrictions at all. If you liked the original flavor, you have my permission to keep it (Denial of Grace forces a save on spells with "harmless" on the saving throw description)
The flavor text still talks about penalties that no longer exist :P. Looks fine though.

Step into the Unknown: minor boost. Now, the 9th level effective increase on teleportation range is doubled along with the rest of the land speed when using the "double-move teleportation".
Sounds good.

--Spells: added two more spells, and lowered the spell levels of two more.
Looks fine. Dispel at 1st is very flavorful for this class (although if you every make a divine version you have archivist problems).

Still undecided: increase skill points to 4 + Int and add more skills. It seems to be useful and favorable, but it kinda makes 2 + Int skill points a bit pointless in existence. I might consider raising skill points if the skill list increases appropriately.
If nothing else, please have 4 + int skills. If you do add skills, balance + climb + jump would be good choices. No reason to not have them. Perform could work.

Also, whether I should make the Aura of Dissonance's hindrance on spell levels increase with class levels: first highest spell level at 6th, first and second on 12th level, and highest three on 18th level. It does require a Will save, after all, and it makes a spellcaster facing a Bez-Kismet extremely weak.
Well, the ability already grows stronger as spells increase exponentially in power. I think hitting top 2 spell levels would be fine at level 18. How the progression should work to get to that point I donít know. You could still remove the save and have the first spell loss be at level 12 and the second at level 18. :D Otherwise, 1st spell loss at 6th, 2nd spell loss at 18th. Which is a rather strange progression I admit.

I don't like being a broken record, but aura of lethargy is the only thing I dislike about the class.