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*scratches head* I am confuzzled. Can someone CliffNotes the plot so far for me?
Dakar's a pyromaniac. He and Alago ran from a town they Dakar set on fire. They met a barbarian named Alai who took compulsive skinny dipper and went to meet up with one of Alago's old adventuring buddies.

They then explain to Hodari that Alago and Dakar need transport north via teleportation circle and Alai needs him to come back to fix a servant that he had put in the fire that was killing everybody. Dakar needs to go because he stole that amulet he wears from them, Alago's reasons are left mostly ambiguous (though it's clear he knows who one of the villians is and it's hinted they took something from him) and Alai needs to go because Hodari is being a **** and wouldn't fix it for her so she needs to kill it via enchanted weapons bought up north.

I think so anyway... it's kind of weird needing to review stuff you wrote yourself *shrug*