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    This is a thread in the Bleach in the Playground Reborn universe; a freeform game with a more concrete, planned plot.

    The current discussion thread is here.

    Yet another day in the Seireitei...

    The sun hangs lazily in the sky, sending its golden rays down upon the buildings below; the atmosphere, while certainly not as laid-back as their heralf of daylight above, is laid back. Another day of "war". A war with no battles... not in years. Nonetheless, the lingering whispers of public enemy number one on top of the stalemate with Las Noches have given reason for the Shinigami of the Gotei 13 to keep their blades sharpened.

    Yes, the citizens of the Rukon have it easy. Despite the lack of immediate threat, the daily monotony is upheld. Unseated train, to keep their skills in check. Seated do various running for their Captains to upkeep their division. The Lieutenants oversee the division much like glorified foremen...

    And, today, the monthly Captain's meeting is upheld. Titans of the Seireitei gather, all headed for a single destination; the conference room situated in the 1st Division.

    ...Things were looking to be just as bland as usual.
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