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    Hueco Mundo...
    Bleak wastes under eternal midnight.
    A world, a sea of dunes and storms of silt.
    Above cavernous depths.

    Hueco Mundo, not the most welcoming place in the world. The White Sands are vast and open, and silence reigns. There are no landmarks but a few petrified plants, some rocks... And Las Noches.

    The great city rises from the horizon as if it were but a few miles away, so vast are its walls, visible from anywhere in the dunes. A bastion of civilization in an otherwise empty world, ruled since time immemorial by the Ghost King, Erscheinung Von Geister.

    But there is much more than that, beneath the sands is the sprawling Forest of Menos, endless caves dotted by countless columns of rock, petrified trees whose canopy and eroding leaves shape the desert above.

    Hueco Mundo, the hollow world, the place where souls go to fade...

    Why are you here?
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