Kazuma had just finished the 11th's daily training regimen. He was a real go-getter, that one - if given the opportunity to do so, he'd start ahead of his division mates in an attempt to finish early so he could grab a shower, and then go on about his OWN training.

Since he started as a member of 11th, he quickly discovered his ability to care for plantlife was... limited. At times, he'd be too rough in dealing with the sprouts; other times, he wouldn't pull weeds all the way out, or would pull the plants out along with the weeds. Gardening was something of an art, and like many arts, it required a sense of balance to be done properly. That is something one does not pick up by swinging a weapon around.

It stood to reason that if gardening was a function of the 11th, it was somehow tied in with physical training. Sure, squatting over the land was tiresome, but despite working the hips - theoretically the center of power for all martial arts - it wasn't exactly direct. And it was hell on the back, too.

Sighing, Kazuma continued to work the land, on a small patch of land away from the 11th's garden, where he was trying to properly care for herbs on his own. Plowing the earth was easy enough - so was digging the hole to put the new sprout in. Caring for the soil, knowing when to water it, when to protect it from the elements... that wasn't. But at least he'd improved somewhat on the matter. Practice made perfect, after all.