The hidden underground headquarters of the stealth faction, the elusive Onmitsukidō. Walled in by grimy steel, with fading yellow lightbulbs hanging on the ceiling of the halls every five meters or so. There were no windows anywhere, and at best, everything could be seen with a faint yellow glow, obscured in thick shadows. In the Security and Intelligence rooms, where computer monitors lit the gloom, there were no lights at all. Any other shinigami would be virtually blind in this underground cage, but then again, the members of the Onmitsukidō were not ordinary shinigami. They were trained as creatures of the night. Right now, most members slept in horizontal caches carved into the walls of the different halls, caches big enough to fit human bodies. Others sat in different caches, caches big enough to hold a small table and benches for three, and were busy swapping data, or gambling. There was an air of excitement, tension, and bloodlust, that hung thick around the already heavy air in the underground base.

While all other factions would be closing down, the Onmitsukidō was just waking up, like a beast from slumber. The Onmitsukidō was asleep during the day, and commenced its operations at sundown. It was a faction of stealth and killing, and therefore, only the night would do for its purposes. However, one man in the headquarters was doing something different than the others. A small square carved into the wall at the floor revealed two golden eyes shining from the gloom, glowing like a cat's. The man inside was doing push-ups in a narrow crevice. His lilac hair graced the floor. It's about time, I think. Yuuki grinned, revealing sharp, pointed teeth, that also looked like they belonged to a predatory cat. He flipped a small switch that he had had built specially into the wall. At that flip, all of the lights in the headquarters flickered, and went out. As total darkness consumed the halls, whoops and catcalls rained down loud. Yuuki flipped the switch again, and the lights went on to reveal many black-suited ninja walking silently and purposefully down the corridor, all in the same direction: towards the food storage room.

Yuuki slunk out of the cache, and stood up to his full height. He had already had his breakfast, fifteen minutes before. The other members had ten minutes to have theirs, before meeting in one of the main Unit rooms, to have their nightly duties assigned to them. Yuuki sighed, and slapped his forehead, remembering something. Captain's meeting, huh...what a bother. Old Man Ryou always has to schedule them at sunset, completely ignoring my faction's habits. Figures. Yuuki strode into his office. He wrote, in a special glow-in-the-dark marker, an order for all of the members of the Executive Militia to instead meet in the Security Unit's main room. He also scribbled down a message on a post-it note, and gathered up the note, the order, and all of tonight's papers. He taped the order to the door to his Unit's main room, and went and stuck the post-it note on top of the desk of the Corps Commander of the Security Unit and his Vice-Captain, Kyasarin Shihan. The note read,

Kyasa-chan, I've got a Captain's Meeting to go to. I've told my Unit members to meet in your main room. I've left the papers for my Unit on your desk. Should be back soon. Yuuki.

He dumped the papers down on her desk, and strode out, walking through the maze of tunnels until he came upon on marked with the Second Division insignia. He walked quickly through this, and covered his eyes as a burst of sunlight met them. Blinking to adjust his eyesight, he heard the faint noise of an empty-sounding string instrument being carried on the slight breeze. He smiled, and called, Akemi! You've got ten minutes to get your breakfast before tonight's duties start! I suggest you hurry! He then reached the main exit and grinned. Dumb meeting. He disappeared in shunpo, appearing almost instantly at the Captain's meeting. Glad I had breakfast early. Hate to leave soggy cereal to be here. He said teasingly.