Masaru walks in, tucking a book into an inside pocket of his robes, his reading glasses still perched on his face.

"Oh, there's no sake or shrimp here? Oh, I do apologize, Ude. I think that's the party next week. Or is it next month? Hm. Ah well. You're here now, so no reason not to stay for the meeting, right? After all, you clearly were in a dry spot for work. What with you napping and all."

The small grin on his face belied the cunning dancing in his eyes.

The Captain of the 8th walked further inside, nodding and bowing to others present.

"Natsuko, glowing as always. The both of you are doing well, yes?

Emet, I share your hopes. I add my hope that the day has gone well and efficiently for you so far.

Yuuki, I'm sure you could always have a new bowl if your old one got soggy.