12th Division R&D Facility

It was another average day at 12th Division. Various members of its division were hard at work in the various labs within the R&D building's lower floors. The sizes of the labs varied from no bigger than an elementary school classroom, to rooms the size of a ballroom and even outdoor facilities large enough to hold a Gillian if one was ever captured. All of the members cautiously conduct their experiments and studies as according to the regulations set in by the divisions Captain, Kazuo. Everything within 12th Division is extremely tidy and clean, leaving little room for a fatal accident which has not occurred in decades.

Above that were the Archives containing both written and electronically stored files of information on any and all of the Technologies, Lab Reports from Previous Experiments, and written Thesis' referring to subjects on past experiments or theories developed by any given member.

Up on the balcony of a large lab overseeing an experiment with some type of shield system, sipping a cup while reviewing a datapad displaying the results from the previous test, stands Katisugo Ichimyouri, the proud Vice Captain.
Hmm...Energy Output is still 20% below requirements. Surge Buffer 3 also appears to be malfunctioning again. I think I'll have to grab the spare.
He glances down at the machine humming with energy. He strides down the stairs walking over to the two unseated aiding him.
Alright, shut the machine down and let the Conduits cool down, I'm going to go get the spare Surge Buffer.

The two unseated nod shutting down the machine. Katisugo sighs walking up the stairs before stopping and facing the two young shinigami.
When your done, why don't you two go take a break.
Yes, Katisugo right away.

Katisugo continues walking up the stairs typing in his analysis on the last Trial Run for Kazuo.
Kazuo is not going to like hearing about another malfunctioning piece of equipment.