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    As the day presses on, a limousine followed by a large moving truck passes through the city from the airport. Rumors likely circulate; it's almost common knowledge to the grapevine of Phoenix Town that a wealthy family was moving into a larger, new house on the outskirts of the small city.

    On the inside of the limo are a teenage girl and her mother. The girl -- a pale, thin, fragile-looking thing with black hair, green eyes, and a colorful wardrobe including khaki-colored overalls -- leans her elbow on the car door, looking out the window at the buildings stretching above. It was amazing... Valeria Abel had been far too used to living in verdant fields near the Carpathians. Japan was a totally new climate and culture to her, though one she had learned about for months before their plane trip, and move. It was also exciting... in a matter of days, she'd be in a public school, able to interact with others her age.

    The girl eyes her mother with some curiosity. Opening her mouth to speak, at first she starts in her native tongue of romanian. <Mom...> ...She hesitates, though. Thinking about it, she had spent the time to learn japanese, she may as well begin to get used to it. "Erm... How far away is our house?"
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