Pico Kurazume leans on the rails of his balcony connected to his suite, looking out on his domain with a shot glass less than a quarter full with fine sake, and holding a burning cigarrette in his hand. Wind is gently blowing through the area, causing Pico's ankle long coat to move with the breeze slightly, his hair to rustle, and the smoke from his cigarrette to seemingly disappear. That is one of the reasons that Pico picked that floor to put his suite in, the wind. That, and the compartment that can hold booze and smokes, but part of it was the wind.

Just around his Palacio, wild festivities seem to be always in motion. The area seems to be a living abstract painting of some sort, what with its eccentric designs and garish colors. On the outskirts, to his right, are blasted fields and buildings, smoke rising from the area. The outskirts almost look like monotone black and white in comparison to the area surrounding the Palacio.

Presently, Pico was considering letting the Arrancar Militia that was under his command loose on his domain. "Nah. Not today." He downed what was left in his shot glass and put the cigarrette back in his mouth, and walked into his suite, namely over to the office portion of his suite. On a fine wooden desk are a smattering of papers, spread out all over the top amidst lamps, pencils, and other office supplies. Pico leaned against his desk, contemplating what to do next.