Sabas Fortunato stands in the top room of the bone-white spire of his Palacio, looking out over the Sector given to his governance with his hands folded behind his back. The child-like Quinta Espada's face is unreadable as his eyes sweep the crowded streets below, searching for...something. One of his Arrancar retainers stands nearby, awaiting orders from Fortunato. For several minutes, the Quinta does not move. Finally, he speaks, not looking at other Arrancar.

"Come closer."

The retainer mutely approaches until it stands next to its master at the window. One-on-one discussions with Fortunato are rare, and don't always end well for the recipient. The eccentric Espada can hardly be called consistent, however, and it could just as easily be a commendation, or even meaningless. Fortunato knows all of these thoughts go through the Arrancar's head, but does nothing to enforce or disprove its thoughts. Fortunato says nothing at first, but points out one of the myriad buildings below. The retainer, possessing a hawk-like Resurrección, is easily able to pinpoint its location.

"Raze that building. No one may know it was on my orders. Allow no one to see you. You may acquisition additional resources, if necessary, but the end goal cannot be known to anyone. Go."

The retainer silently bows and hurries from the room. It knows failure will not be tolerated, but a swift success could result in a lasting favorable impression or even a promotion. Fortunato stares out of the window for a few more seconds, a thin, cruel smile crossing his face. Turning from the window, he sedately walks towards the chessboard he keeps nearby. He picks up a white knight, then moves it into position on the board.

"Game start."