Meanwhile, a buss is making its way towards the town, carrying a full load of passengers with it. Many are students, coming back from vacation trips to prepare for school. They are chatting loudly about homework both done and undone, some feeling rather anxious about the waiting workload.

There is a woman sitting in the back of the bus, dressed in a suit and tie, reading the newspaper of the day. While the features of her face imply she's quite young, her short hair is already graying, her skin is pale and thin as paper, and black veins surround her dark eyes. Either she's terminally ill, or wearing a tasteless amount of make-up.

Curiously enough, even though the buss is crowded, the seat next to her is empty. She doesn't look particularly threatening, yet other people have come to the conclusion she's better left undisturbed. She doesn't seem to mind, and casually flips the pages of her paper, smiling faintly all the while.

The buss stops not far away from Phoenix Town cemetery. Accompanied by a handful of students, the strange woman steps out, rolling up her newspaper and giving a curious glance around. As the buss drives away, the students go on their way, eager to enjoy last days of their summer break. The woman stays put, inhaling deeply as a devilish grin spreads on her face. There's something in the air she clearly likes.

So, this is Phoenix Town, then?, she muses. Even through senses dulled by her mortal guise, she can still feel a hint spiritual energy in the air, of a kind she hasn't sensed in a long, long while. I will make this town kneel before me and eat from my hand.

Her ponderings are cut short when her wrist-watch starts to beep annoyingly. Smile fading from her face, she shuts the alarm and looks at it. Wha... this much already? I'm never going to make it in time! I don't even know where that place is! Frustrated, she strides over the street, cold sweat trickling down her forehead.

Argh! I'm going to need a good cup of coffee after this! I hope they at least have a half-decent cafeteria somewhere around here...