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    Claudia Abel- a fit, cheerful-looking woman in her mid thirties- is a bit less impressed by the area. Even though she spent the last sixteen years together with Valeria in Romania, before that, she traveled through a great deal of the world, so she's seen the like of Phoenix Town before. Still... the place is pretty nice, and she finds herself glancing out the window (and off the road) perhaps a little more than she should be.

    She occasionally looks toward Val out of the corner of her eye. Her little girl, finally beginning to take her first steps into the wide world here... it almost choked her up.

    At Val's question, she looks around their surroundings, getting her bearings relatively quickly, then smiles and replies in near-flawless Japanese.

    "Well, we're almost to the outside of town, so it should be just another half mile or so, Vally."
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