Valeria smiles at the mascots as they pass by, only barely giving notice to the girl playing the violin. "Ah... Okay, mom." The girl loses interest with her surroundings as they leave the city, and they enter the more rural outskirts. She'd only lived in a similar area for 10 years. She picks up a book by her side, withdrawing from reality until they reach a stop.

The limousine and truck pull into a circular driveway, in front of a white, contemporary mansion, in the middle of a thicket of trees. A couple other trucks had already parked, with movers in the process of unloading their cargo.

Val steps out, after grabbing a box of her more personal belongings, looking on the house with interest. She looks to her mother as soon as she exits the limo. "...Is dad in Tokyo still?"


"...You guys look like idiots." Viatrix chimes in from a seat, looking on in amusement. Next to her are a stack of boxes that to the naked eye would look to be containers for bottles of cola. As they would likely remember, today was Viatrix's weekly drop-off.