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    Deep in the bowels of the Menos Forest, in the complexes of Ciudad Baja...

    There is a lake. What a lake is doing in the moisture-sparse world of Hueco Mundo is anyone's guess, and yet it is there. At the bottom of this lake... is the home of a dragon. Perhaps not in the most conventional sense, but many would agree, it is no mans land for all but the bravest. And even then, they will very likely not return.

    Talon awakes with a yawn, and stretch, as she looks upon her collection with malicious satisfaction. She had been sleeping upon the mountain of Hollow masks for decades. But quickly, the memories of her situation sour her mood. Sliding down from the pile and dusting herself off, she makes her way out of her sleeping quarters, and through the intricate stonework of her lair. While her life as a Privaron differed little from her life as an official Espada, it was a life she had no pleasure in. Passing through the large main hall, and then her exquisite banquet hall, she finally stops, sitting upon a throne of stone and the most impressive hollow masks of her keeping: draconic things, with fearsome maws that could easily tear a man in two.

    Looking up, she sees the glass ceiling of her self-proclaimed throne room, looking upon the bottom of the lake like a kingdom of her own, despite her aversion to subjects.

    Yes, it was a good day to be Queen. Unfortunate that her days as such were over.

    "...One day, Alejandro... But for now..." Talon debates her activities for the day.

    Where one story is told at the bottom of the "earth", yet another begins near the top...

    The sun shines upon a balcony in the center of the Eighth district of Las Noches. Yes, all were aware that the effectual noon in Las Noches was a special time.

    A tanned, well-endowed woman with bushy black hair, and a serpentine demeanor lies upon a rock belly-down, soaking in the sun with a pleasured moan. For all those that frequented the skies of the city, Ruwa was well known for the spectacle she allowed...

    Nothing like nude sunbathing, after all.
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