Tark sat in his territory. It was just a section of the Ciudad, filled with tumbled down buildings, and trees. Tark didn't like buildings. Didn't think they were proper. Living out, exposed to the Elements, that was the way of it. His territory was small, necessarily so as Von Geister wouldn't allow him to establish anything more. He didn't care if other Arrancar, Hollows, whatever lived there. Even when he was an Espada, he had only two rules. Stay out of his way, and whatever he wanted was his. Nothing had changed that, at least in Tark's mind.

"I'm hungry!"

Von Geister had all sorts of rules about when one could eat Hollow's. He claimed it wasn't needed, and all sorts of nonsense. Tark hardly noticed. They told him that eating wasn't really needed, that they could survive on am.. abgrinent... something. Tark didn't much care about that either. He knew one place he could eat Hollows. At the Arena, there were always those Idiots fighting. Tark only had one reward.

What I kill, I eat.

Tark shuffled off toward the Arena, snuffing about for Talon. She would watch him. She should be around here somewhere. He had told her to be, after all.