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Thread: [3.5] The Art of War(mage) [PEACH]

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    Warmage Spell List:


    Acid Splash
    Caltrops (SpC)
    Dancing Lights
    Detect Magic
    Electric Jolt (SpC)
    Launch Bolt (SpC)
    Ray of Frost
    Sonic Snap (SpC)


    Benign Transposition (SpC)
    Burning Hands
    Enlarge Person
    Fist of Stone (SpC)
    Magic Missile
    Orb of Acid, Lesser
    Orb of Cold, Lesser
    Orb of Electricity, Lesser
    Orb of Fire, Lesser
    Orb of Sound, Lesser
    Shocking Grasp
    True Casting (CM)
    True Strike


    Arcane Turmoil (CM)
    Battering Ram (SpC)
    Bladeweave (SpC)
    Combust (SpC)
    Fireburst (SpC)
    Fog Cloud
    Gust of Wind
    Heroics (SpC)
    Scorching Ray
    Seeking Ray (PHB2)
    Whirling Blade (SpC)
    Wind Wall


    Dispel Magic
    Great Thunderclap (SpC)
    Fire Shield
    Knight's Move (SpC)
    Legion of Sentinels (PHB2)
    Lightning Bolt
    Regal Procession (SpC)
    Sound Lance (SpC)
    Vampiric Touch


    Assay Spell Resistance (SpC)
    Displacer Form (SpC)
    Evard's Black Tentacles
    Hallucinatory Terrain
    Orb of Acid
    Orb of Cold
    Orb of Electricity
    Orb of Fire
    Orb of Force
    Orb of Sound
    Solid Fog
    Thunderlance (SpC)
    Wall of Fire
    Wall of Ice


    Arcane Fusion (CM)
    Cone of Cold
    Enlarge Person, Greater (SpC)
    Fireburst, Greater (SpC)
    Lightning Leap (CM)
    Mirage Arcana
    Transmute Mud to Rock
    Transmute Rock to Mud
    Wall of Force


    Acid Fog
    Blade Barrier
    Chain Lightning
    Dispel Magic, Greater
    Freezing Fog (SpC)
    Howling Chain (SpC)
    Move Earth
    Tactical Teleportation (CM)


    Bigby's Grasping Hand
    Body of War (SpC)
    Control Weather
    Delayed Blast Fireball
    Finger of Death
    Mordenkainen's Sword
    Polar Ray
    Prismatic Spray


    Arcane Fusion, Greater (CM)
    Chain Dispel (PHB2)
    Field of Icy Razors (SpC)
    Giant Size (CA)
    Horrid Wilting
    Incendiary Cloud
    Lash of Force (CM)
    Unyielding Form of Inevitable Death (CM)


    Detonate (PHB2)
    Dragonshape (PHB2)
    Elemental Swarm
    Maw of Chaos (SpC)
    Meteor Swarm
    Reaving Dispel (CA)
    Storm of Vengeance
    Transmute Rock to Lava (SpC)

    New Feats:

    Sudden Energy Substitution
    Benefit: Once per day, you may apply the effect of the Energy Substitution feat to any spell you cast without increasing its casting time or specially preparing ahead of time. You may choose the energy type of the Energy Substitution (fire, cold, electricity, acid) upon applying it.

    Sudden Energy Admixture
    Prerequisites: Sudden Energy Substitution, Sudden Empower, Sudden Maximize
    Benefit: Once per day, you may apply the effect of the Energy Admixture feat to any spell you cast without increasing its casting time or specially preparing ahead of time. You may choose the energy type to admixture (fire, cold, electricity, acid) upon applying it.

    Extra Edge
    Prerequisites: Bladeborn Spell class feature
    Benefit: Your Warmage's Edge increases by +1 for the purposes of the insight bonus granted by Bladeborn Spell. If you have the Spellborn Blade class feature, increase this bonus to +2 and also apply it for the purposes of determining the energy damage granted by Spellborn Blade.

    Cutting Edge
    Prerequisites: Warmage level 6, Spell Penetration
    Benefit: You may add your Warmage's Edge bonus to caster level checks for the purposes of penetrating Spell Resistance on spells that deal hit point damage.

    Crushing Edge
    Prerequisites: Warmage level 12, Spell Focus (Evocation), Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)
    Benefit: You may add half your Warmage's Edge bonus (rounded up) to the save DC of all spells you cast that deal hit point damage.

    New Magic Item:

    Mage's Edge
    Price: +3 bonus
    Property: Melee weapons
    Caster Level: 14th
    Aura: Strong; (DC 22) evocation
    Activation: None
    Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Warmage's Edge +3, Mordenkainen's Sword
    Cost to Create: Varies
    This elegant blade has curved lines running from edge to hilt, traced in patterns that resemble flames.
    Your Warmage's Edge bonus increases by 1. If you do not have Warmage's Edge as a class feature, you gain Warmage's Edge +1. In addition, if you apply your Bladeborn Spell and Spellborn Blade class features to this weapon, the duration of those abilities last one additional round.
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