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    Here's something that might work for epic VoP, I increased the speed at which you gain some abilities because it's epic, added mind blank at 21, gave them teleportation and plane shift, and then an eventual demigod status. Everything not noted below the table works as it does with normal VoP, but is gained at the level indicated on the table.

    Epic VoP
    Level Benefits
    21 Force Armor +11, Mind Blank, Bonus Feat
    22 Empowered Strike +6, Empowered Strike (Enhancement) +5
    23 Resistance +6, Teleportation, Flight (4 times base speed), Domain
    24 Force Armor +12, Ability Score Enhancement +12/+10/+8/+6/+4/+2, Deflection +6
    25 Empowered Strike +7, Energy Resistance 20, Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction (15/varies)
    26 Resistance +7, Empowered Strike (Enhancement) +6, Domain
    27 Force Armor +13, Plane Shift, Flight (5 times base speed)
    28 Ability Score Enhancement +14/+12/+10/+8/+6/+4, Empowered Strike +8
    29 Resistance +8, Bonus Feat, Wish, Domain
    30 Enlightenment, Force Armor +14, Deflection +7, Empowered Strike (Enhancement) +7, Energy Immunity, Damage Reduction (20/varies)

    Mind Blank (Su): At level 21 the character gains a mind blank effect, as the spell mind blank.

    Empowered Strike: At level 22, and every 3 levels thereafter, the weapons you wield's enhancement bonus increases by +1. Additionally, at level 22, and every 4 levels thereafter, you gain an additional enhancement bonus (+5 at level 22, +6 at level 26, etc.) that can be used to add weapon enhancements to the weapons you wield. This enhancement bonus may be used for any magical weapon ability, and can be reallocated when you gain a level.

    Domain (Sp): At level 23 you may select a single domain. You gain 9 spell-like abilities, one for each spell level. These SLA's are usable 1/day. You also gain the domain ability if it applies to your classes. At level 26 you may select another domain, or lose access to your previous domain and gain a planar domain (SpC 282). A planar domain is effectively two domains). You gain 18 SLA's when you gain a planar domain, two for each spell level. You must meet all prerequisites for planar domains. At level 29 you gain a third domain (or second, if you chose to use a planar domain). Use your highest ability score to determine pertinent information such as Difficulty Class. Your caster level for these SLA's is equal to your ECL. You may choose the same domain twice, gaining each SLA twice instead of just once. However, you do not gain the effects of the domain ability twice.

    If the character already has access to domains from a class, then the spells from the domains selected are considered domain spells for that class only. For example, a level 23 cleric with the Law and Healing domains that selected Sun as their level 23 domain could prepare any spell from the Sun domain in their domain spell slots, as well as any spell from the Law and Healing domains as normal.

    Energy Immunity: At level 30 you may select an energy type. You are now immune to that energy type.

    Teleportation (Su): At level 23 you gain the ability to teleport at will. By concentrating for one minute, you may teleport as the spell greater teleport. This ability only affects you.

    Plane Shift (Su): At level 27 you gain the ability to plane shift at will. By concentrating for five minutes, you may shift planes as the spell plane shift. This ability only affects you.

    Wish (Sp): At level 29 you gain the ability to cast wish once per day. The base 5,000 XP cost is halved, however any additional XP costs incurred by wish must be paid in full.

    Enlightenment (Ex): You have achieved the pinnacle of your spiritual enlightenment. At level 30, you become a quasi-deity, granting divine rank 0. You are immortal, and no longer can die from old age. Additionally, you no longer suffer aging penalties (any previously incurred penalties are still in effect) but still gain the benefits of aging. You gain benefits of being a quasi-deity with divine rank 0, including and limited to the following: all future hit die are maximized, your base land speed increases to 60 ft., a deflection bonus to your AC equal to your Charisma modifier, immunity to transmutation, immunity to energy drain, ability damage, and ability drain. You are not able to grant spells.

    If there are some more cool ability ideas I could slow down progressions and add some in.
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