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    Default Re: The Bez-Kismet; or, a rebalanced Hexblade with a much more original name!

    I was considering posting my remake of a Hexblade and then saw this. >.> Now I feel inferior. Some questions for clarification:

    Your capstone, Hex of Ending Fate. Do you sacrifice the curse before or after the effect kicks in? This is to say, does the opponent suffer the curse's -8 to saves for figuring out whether or not they're about to be reduced to chunky salsa?

    Really love the idea of the shadowcasting variant. Do you think, at some point, you could post a progression with your system changes for the actual shadowcaster? I was never satisfied with the writer's fixes and have a feeling what you're outlining here would be perfect.

    Also really like the invocation version but I have a question. It looks like, the way you have it worded, you gain a least and a lesser invocation at level 11. Similarly, it looks like you gain a least and a greater at 17. Is this correct? or is it supposed to be those levels for invocations, with 11 and 17 for opportunities to choose from next level up?

    I'm assuming the latter, but can't be sure...
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