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    Default Re: [3.5] Revised Monk (finally the red-headed stepchild gets some respect and PEACH!

    I command thee, thread, to rise again, and walk the earth once more!

    (This thread necromancy carries the moderator seal of approval. No undead were harmed in the making of this post.)

    I will first respond to previous posters, in case any are still drifting about this forum.

    ForzaFiori: Earth's Embrace is from Complete Warrior. I have a homebrew version of it which I intended to include in the feats post and I now see that I forgot to do so. I'll add that tonight when I get home from work.

    Wrathofautumn: Weapon Finesse is not intended to stack in any useful way with Empty Strike. Empty Strike is intended to be Weapon Finesse++. I'd recommend retraining Weapon Finesse to another feat.

    Dilb: You are correct. Strength can easily be used as a dump stat for the revised monk, although I worded Empty Strike in such a way that a character who wants a big, burly, muscular monk can play one if he wants too. It's slightly less optimal, but since this is a base class I want to leave all the doors open.

    Your next observation is also correct: Sense the Void is much better than Slow Fall. However, I didn't want to remove Slow Fall, since it's an iconic monk ability in the minds of many players. Thus, I added StV as an ACF. I expect that most optimizers will trade away Slow Fall for an ACF, either StV or something else.

    I see that I made an error in setting the requirements for Improved Ki Defense and Improved Ki Strike. There requirements are intended to force the monk to choose either an offensive or defensive slant with his abilities. A monk can't have both without committing extra resources (the skill points put into Autohypnosis). Also, because of the Autohypnosis requirement, it's difficult for someone who dips monk to acquire these feats without investing an even larger number of skill points (they're paying cross class or burning a feat on Able Learner). I've increased the requirement from 12 points to 15; this means that acquiring one of the feats via the monk bonus feat progression is now an early access method.

    I'm persuaded by your concerns about the damage reduction. I'll reduce it to DR 15/chaotic, increasing to DR 20/chaotic and epic with the Improved Ki Defense feat.

    Doc Roc: I dunno why, but flying monks just don't sit well with me. It seems goofy somehow. More than half of the Tier 3 classes don't have ready access to flight, but now that I think of it, the non-flyers all have something useful to do when facing flying opponents. After some considering, I see the design hole you're pointing out, though. Maybe there's room for compromise? How about ridiculously large bonuses to Balance, Jump, and Tumble, enabling the monk to hit epic skill DCs in the mid-teens (run up a wall, balance on a blade, dash across a lake, and other wuxia-style actions), and some improvement in ranged attacks that make the various monk thrown weapons more viable? Can you offer any suggestions in this vein?
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