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    OK, I've added Dance with the Elements at level 3. This gives the monk a competence bonus to Balance, Jump, and Climb Tumble, equal to his bonus move speed.

    • By level 6, the monk can leap 10 ft up, to strike targets 20 ft above him. This is enough for most high-ceiling rooms and indoor encounter areas.
    • By level 18, the monk can leap 30 ft up. With likely reach, he can tag someone 60 ft above, meaning casters using close-range spells are not safe.

    • By level 6, we're looking at balancing on thin branches and other precrious places.
    • By level 18, the monk can run across dash across the water, stand on surfaces that technically cannot support his weight, even balance on a cloud.

    • At level 6, not so impressive, but the monk is a proficient tumbler.
    • At level 18, the monk can take 10-ft steps, use tumble to run right up a wall, kip up without devoting a feat to it, even ignore falling damage (which renders slow fall pointless, but as Delb has pointed out, that's probably getting replaced with an ACF anyhow).

    This is going to support several design goals:
    • The monk can use Tumble and Balance to exploit environmental features to gain altitude, then use Jump to cover additional distance in order to strike at flyers. Battle Jump becomes a more attractive feat for him. I could see Hood builds that might use this monk. His Slow Fall feature and improved Tumbling are now more useful, since leaping from ridiculous heights becomes a more viable combat tactic and the monk needs the ability to land without splatting.
    • The monk is even less reliant on gear. The competence bonuses he's getting are better than (and won't stack with) any level-appropriate skill-boosting items he might find, so he's no longer interested in skill-boosters, at least for those three skills.

    I still need something to improve the monk's ranged potential.

    Current capabilities:
    • He can already flurry with shurikens as a standard action.
    • He's Dex-reliant so he'll be fairly accurate.
    • He gets bonus damage from both Dex and Wis on those shuriken.
    • Although they're disposable, shuriken can be enchanted or made from special materials cheaply, since they count as ammunition.
    • If using the Crash Like a Wave, Bend Like a Reed ACF, he's also adding up to 5d6 skirmish damage to his flurried shuriken (or up to 7d6 if he takes the Improved Skirmish feat).
    • Range is quite limited though, even if he takes Far Shot.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps I could extend the Ki Strike feature and Improved Ki Strike feat to apply to special monk weapons. What impact do you think that would have?
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