I've created a new feat, The Arrow Knows the Way, which provides access to the longbow as a special monk weapon. I've also added some new bonus feat options so the monk can easily qualify for TAKTW at level 1, and can find some in-class support for acquiring necessary archery feats as he advances in level.

Ki Shot is a good idea. Still thinking about how to implement it.

The Zen Archer monk variant has some good gems too. Still considering what to steal.

@ paddyfool: A +60 bonus is extremely large, it's true. But +Win to Balance, Jump, and Tumble is still less potent than a Fly speed with Perfect maneuverability, which many other classes can access well before level 10. My goal is to enable monks to run up trees, dash across lakes, balance on an opponent's sword blade, and do all the cool stuff you see in wuxia movies like Kill Bill, Hero, or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Also, as a design goal I want to compensate for the lack of flight by enabling them to use their amazing mobility to get within jumping distance of low-flying enemies, then leap, flurry attack, and land unharmed.