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I don't like how you added some of those Wu Jen only spells in there. Those are supposed to be special extra-powerful spells solely for Wu Jen.
The only one there is Giant Size. It's a powerful spell, but very fitting for gish types. I tried to preserve the idea of it being a Wu Jen specialty by increasing the spell level to 8, meaning that Wu Jen can still cast it earlier and better than Warmages.

Flavor-wise, the idea is that Warmages traverse the world looking for the best combat-focused spells, learning spells from various places and peoples. However, they can't really master this type of magic as well as those more focused to it (aka Wu Jen), hence why it's more difficult to cast for Warmages (higher level spell).

The mechanical benefit of having more unique spells like that on the Warmage list is to avoid it being strictly inferior to the wizard gish.