Obsidian Minotaur
Have you ever wanted a huge hunk of black rock hewn into the shape of a minotaur and animated into a fire-handed golem with a Dexterity-draining breath weapon?

...I doubt it, but if you have for whatever reason, it's here and it's a rather nasty CR 8 encounter.

Ogre, Half-
For whatever reason, these human-ogre hybrids have had a popular following in the d20 system, judging how often they've appeared. In addition to being present here, they have been in several WOTC-producing D&D books as well as a playable species in the d20 Modern book Urban Arcana, which was the first (and one of only two) full campaign settings released for the game by Wizards of the Coast themselves. What does this particular variant bring to the table? Well, comparing it to two other half-ogres presented, let's find out.
  • The half-ogre in Urban Arcana has +10 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, and -2 Charisma, as well as having 4 natural hit dice and being size Large humanoids (a rarity, considering those are usually auto-classed as giants).
  • The half-ogre in the Tome of Horrors have +6 Strength, +4 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, and -2 Charisma, and are size Medium humanoids with 2 natural hit dice. Definitely weaker, but also a more player-friendly option.
  • The half-ogre in Savage Species...well, obviously I can't state that piece by piece since it's not Open Game Content like the other two I've noted, but suffice to say they seem to be the middle ground between the two, with most of the ability scores of the Tome of Horrors version but the size of the Urban Arcana version.

Which one would I personally recommend? Well, from my personal standpoint, the Urban Arcana version is my favorite from a DM/GM standpoint, but the Tome of Horrors one definitely wins for player friendliness.

Another half-ogre, but instead of having human blood, the ogrillion is the spawn of a male ogre and female orc. Oh yes, there is a different variant for a male orc and a female ogre, similar to the whole liger/tigon variation in reality...but that's a story for another entry. Suffice to say, the ogrillion is plenty like the half-ogre. It is a 2 HD Medium-size Humanoid like the half-ogre, it has +4 Constitution and -2 Charisma penalties of the half-ogre, and it is has the "both parent's blood"-type trait like the half-ogre. The only major difference is that the ogrillion has traded an extra 2 penalty points in Intelligence for a grand total of+8 in Strength. It also has a -2 penalty to Wisdom, but there's no real net gain for that one. Its only major claim to fame is its Reinforced Fists special quality, which lets its unarmed strikes be considered armed weapons and deal lethal rather than nonlethal damage. Otherwise, there's not really that much special here beyond some potential ecology-building if you have an orc- and giant-heavy campaign.