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Thread: [3.5] The Art of War(mage) [PEACH]

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    Updated, speeding up the progression of Warmage's Edge a bit so that it's the same as similar abilities of that type, and added some minor features so that there aren't any dead levels anymore. Also made Extra Edge better so that it's more worth taking now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hague View Post
    Then add enlarge and its reverse to the spell list. There's a reason no one but Wu Jen use that spell.
    Good point about Enlarge Person. Reduce Person doesn't really make sense though, since that's much better for sneaky types and doesn't really fit with this class.

    It's not true that only Wu Jens use Giant Size though; Clerics love getting +massive bonuses to Str when casting it via Miracle, especially when Persisted.
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