*cracks knuckles*

What action does this take? How does this work; can you remove anything? There are rules for objects, you know, and if this automatically blows up anything with no limits with a simple knowledge check, the first thing this class would do is blow up the earth.
See explosives.

No reflex save? Also, what if you're blowing something up outside; does the entire earth collapse into a small 20X20 square?
See rules for Cave-Ins.

What action is required for this, again?
See Listen skill.

Again, you can just hit things to get this. The same actually goes for your original class feature; Disintegrate is a lot easier than trying to figure out what limits, if any, you intended for your "blow stuff up" ability.
Yes, at 11th level you can use a spell that you can do at 6th level with this ability as many times per day as you have explosives.

Well, for sunder monkeys this is OK, but sundering isn't all that great to begin with. This is the first ability with actual combat potential, though.
You... get it 2nd level.

Well, that's useful for positioning, but this class is looking very mechanically weak so far.
d12 HD, 6 + Int skills, two good saves, cleric BAB, can duplicate a spell your wizard can't learn for 3 more levels, can sunder anything.

I disagree.

Word it as sonic and force damage; sonics and force just sounds weird. Anyway, I don't get why this gives you resistance to force, which is basically unresistable damage, but not bludgeoning, which actually causes concussions. (Note: force damage does plenty of things; cuts you open with wings, bites you with jaws of force, stabs you with arrows of force, hits you with missiles of force, etc. It's not just force as in "I bash stuff.")
Telekinesis, concussive forces, shock waves and force fields are all lumped together in D&D. Can't help it. The ability to withstand shocks sounds much more like force than bludgeoning however.

Well, DC = to a skill check is an absurdly high DC, which is pretty bad, but... it's a horribly low damage. And it's *really* creepy that you're basically killing oozes with your own sweat. It also makes no sense how a bottle lasts a day, but it takes a week to collect it... the first through sixth days would have been gone by then, and that kind of fluff restriction just doesn't make sense.
It isn't meant to harm them so much as to make you immune to oozes. They won't willingly touch you.

The bottle doesn't last a day, btw. Just its application. It can last indefinitely 'inside' the bottle.

Does this allow him to know in what way he's screwed up planting explosives? Also, future sight abilities are very horrible ideas because that strongly limits the actions you can take; if he doesn't sense earthquakes, you can't have a spellcaster use earthquake, you can't use cave in traps because he will know whether he succeeds or fails his save to avoid triggering it, but then won't activate it if it's going to be a yes anyway because he'll be backing away, etc.

#1. It says specifically NATURAL earthquakes.
#2. It isn't future sight. Its detecting the natural subharmonics of impending mantle shift. Animals also are sensitive to it.

Meh. One square of wood or stone isn't a great thing to see through, except in buildings.
I think you need to use your imagination a little. How about, for starters, negating concealment?

First off, it was never stated he couldn't destroy objects of force to begin with.
Nor did it say he couldn't leaps buildings in a single bound, but normal people can't destroy force without other force spells.

Third, normally all attacks being touch attacks would be very broken, but...
Deep Impact feat at 5th level.

Nearly none of the abilities actually deal with combat
Did I say this was a class designed for battle? No, I did not.

#1. Great for sunder monkeys as you mentioned. Sunder is better than you give credit for.

#2. Can craft explosives that deal more damage for far cheaper than any other item you can buy at levels you cannot duplicate with magic. Being completely mundane, these explosions bypass spell resistance, anti-magic fields, and most damage reduction. You can set up as many as you want, and detonate all at the same time, something you cannot do with spells. Sure, at 11th level you can cast disintegrate, what, twice per day? Demolisher can take your disintegrate and bottle it, hide it, apply it, multiply it and delay it.

#3. Burrow is great for surprising enemies. Burrow right underneath them, or sneak into buildings.

#4. One of the big creatures of the terrain where this fellow shines not only shuns the Demolisher, but he can herd it, trap it and basically tame it.

#5. Sonic and force resistance. This is helpful.

#6. With tremorsense you can't be snuck up on or flanked. It's basically all-around vision.

#7. X-ray Vision: See above mention of X-ray vision.

#8. As you said, treating all attacks as touch attacks is very handy.

Al this is usable in battle and this class isn't even intended to be battle hardened.

Plus, the entry requirements make no sense. Power attack on a class with bad BAB that doesn't attack anything?
#1. Except that he DOES attack everything. This includes walls, items and the like. Also, it's the prerequisite for Improved Sunder. Thirdly, did I mention that this fellow here hits things to destroy them for a living?

#2. Since when was 3/4ths attack 'Bad'?

I'm always glad to have folks go over my stuff, but you seemed to have read it solely to destroy it and didn't notice 'any' good bits, of which this has quite a few. I could start half a dozen threads, each one for individual unique abilities granted here and a hundred uses I'm sure would be thought up for each one.