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See explosives.
I noticed them. Putting them next to the actual class would be useful. You still didn't post relative to any of my concerns about how it works if you aren't in a room.

See rules for Cave-Ins.
There are none. The closest I can find to actual cave in rules are in the spell Earthquake, which is, in itself, vague (it doesn't have any way listed to remove yourself from being pinned by rocks).

See Listen skill.
No rules in there. The only rule is that it's a move action to try to hear something a second time, which has nothing to do with this class.

Yes, at 11th level you can use a spell that you can do at 6th level with this ability as many times per day as you have explosives.
If you honestly think that even 8d6 force damage is as good as disintegrate, you're incredibly mistaken... 8d6 damage is enough to blast through an inch and a three quarters of stone (26.25 HP), assuming force damage ignores hardness (I can't recall, but I think it does). You can deal more damage to objects by just hitting them with an adamantine weapon.

You... get it 2nd level.
Exactly... getting a combat ability, and one that isn't that great, at second level is bad... D&D is pretty much entirely about combat, getting abilities that aren't useful in combat for questionably (and I think that's generous, all things considered) useful abilities is not good.

d12 HD, 6 + Int skills, two good saves, cleric BAB, can duplicate a spell your wizard can't learn for 3 more levels, can sunder anything.

I disagree.
It has nearly no combat abilities, bad BAB for a class with no way to deal damage besides hitting things, and the ability to break loot and not need to spend money on an adamantine axe to smash walls in. It cannot duplicate disintegration, and I have no clue why you keep acting as if it can.

None of this is powerful. Defensively, it's got a decent chassis, but it can't do anything with it.

Telekinesis, concussive forces, shock waves and force fields are all lumped together in D&D. Can't help it. The ability to withstand shocks sounds much more like force than bludgeoning however.
Concussive force is bludgeoning damage in D&D.... force is basically "anything." It's as much slashing, just plain hurting, piercing, biting, etc. as it is bludgeoning.

It isn't meant to harm them so much as to make you immune to oozes. They won't willingly touch you.
This doesn't address the absurd save required... it basically makes all oozes complete pushovers.

The bottle doesn't last a day, btw. Just its application. It can last indefinitely 'inside' the bottle.
My misreading.


#1. It says specifically NATURAL earthquakes.
#2. It isn't future sight. Its detecting the natural subharmonics of impending mantle shift. Animals also are sensitive to it.
This still doesn't get rid of the problem with cave ins, or the problem with future sight in general; it just doesn't work well in D&D.

I think you need to use your imagination a little. How about, for starters, negating concealment?
It does not say you can negate concealment. I don't assume mechanical abilities that aren't there, especially when it makes no sense... concealment is not just because you can't see them, but because you can't shoot through stone... whether you can see through rock or not, you can both tell where most of the person standing at a waist high wall is located, and you can't shoot his lower half.

Nor did it say he couldn't leaps buildings in a single bound, but normal people can't destroy force without other force spells.
Which is a unique ability, but not particularly useful, and not worth having no combat potential.

Deep Impact feat at 5th level.
Deep impact affects one attack and requires you to recharge to use it again. This ability is more along the lines of, say, persisted wraithstrike, which is considered broken for a reason.

Did I say this was a class designed for battle? No, I did not
Every class in D&D is designed for combat. Every. Single. Class. D&D is, mechanically, almost entirely about combat. Parties fight things. Sure, in a campaign specifically for blowing up walls, this class... hits walls a bit harder, and doesn't have to buy an adamantine axe, but in any normal campaign you are trading away all of your power for flavor (and I'm not using it ironically like Lightning Warrior; this really is a class that sacrifices nearly all combat ability, save free touch attacks, for pure flavor abilities.)

#1. Great for sunder monkeys as you mentioned. Sunder is better than you give credit for.
No, it's not. It's A: a bad debuff (at most, -7 to hit assuming it's a +5 Bane You weapon) and B: it ruins your loot.

#2. Can craft explosives that deal more damage for far cheaper than any other item you can buy at levels you cannot duplicate with magic.
More damage? No. Cheaper? Not than magic. Buying items that deal damage?Horribly suboptimal

Being completely mundane, these explosions bypass spell resistance, anti-magic fields, and most damage reduction.
Which is useful, except... you know, the orbs. And the fact magic ignores damage reduction by default anyway.

Which is somewhat useful, and offset by the fact You can set up as many as you want, and detonate all at the same time, something you cannot do with spells.
Explosive runes! Whee!

Sure, at 11th level you can cast disintegrate, what, twice per day? Demolisher can take your disintegrate and bottle it, hide it, apply it, multiply it and delay it.
No... you get explosive runes, except it costs you money to make and has a chance of blowing up whenever you do anything, and then will subsequently cause the rest of your explosives to blow up, probably killing you if you carry enough to actually blast through a wall. You don't get disintegrate. Disintegrate is automatic and deals far more damage.

Plus, two disintegrates a day? Guess what? You can make, by RAW with the craft skill, one batch of explosives *per week.* And the explosives penetrate all of 1.5 inches of rock! Even further, one per week would require you to have a craft check of 72!

#3. Burrow is great for surprising enemies. Burrow right underneath them, or sneak into buildings.
Yes, it's useful, but a surprise round won't help you with your terrible combat ability and the fact hide and move silently aren't class skills.

#4. One of the big creatures of the terrain where this fellow shines not only shuns the Demolisher, but he can herd it, trap it and basically tame it.
If you mean taming oozes, that's... moderately useful, but to herd it you'd basically have to substitute your actions for its, and oozes are weak.

#5. Sonic and force resistance. This is helpful.
But defensive. That's the point. You've got some useful defensive abilities, but no way to deal decent damage.

#6. With tremorsense you can't be snuck up on or flanked. It's basically all-around vision.
Tremorsense says nothing about removing flanking... plus, you know, flight.

#7. X-ray Vision: See above mention of X-ray vision.
It doesn't penetrate concealment.

#8. As you said, treating all attacks as touch attacks is very handy.
It's the only useful offensive ability this class has.

Al this is usable in battle and this class isn't even intended to be battle hardened.
Creating a class not intended for battle in a game where 90% of the mechanics deal with battle is a very bad design goal.

#1. Except that he DOES attack everything. This includes walls, items and the like. Also, it's the prerequisite for Improved Sunder. Thirdly, did I mention that this fellow here hits things to destroy them for a living?
It seemed more like it was about blowing stuff up, and I don't particularly see bonuses to something that hinders the party (sundering) and getting free adamantine weapons as that great.

#2. Since when was 3/4ths attack 'Bad'?
Since the monk? Nothing that has no offensive options besides hitting things has mediocre BAB.

I'm always glad to have folks go over my stuff, but you seemed to have read it solely to destroy it and didn't notice 'any' good bits, of which this has quite a few. I could start half a dozen threads, each one for individual unique abilities granted here and a hundred uses I'm sure would be thought up for each one.
First off: That's how I act. I don't comment on flavor, I comment on things that make the class imbalanced or balanced. I don't post to destroy the class, I point out the flaws in everything, because everything has flaws, and then I post my overall assessment at the end.

Second of all: Even if all your abilities have unique uses, they're still mechanically inferior to what other classes can do (and, in fact, what this class can do; it's better to just hit stuff than to use your explosives, even with your mediocre ability to hit things before you get the capstone), take massive amounts of downtime to make (for the best explosive, with a check of forty, you need two weeks per batch of 8d6 explosive).