"So are you a fighter or an entertainer?" "Yes."
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The Masquerade of the Arena

The Masquerade was a brutal fighter brought up in lawless lands where only the strong survive. As a young man he was captured by more “civilised” people and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena. Here he impressed the locals and developed a great lust, not only for blood but also for the spectacle of performing. He attempted to branch out into every performing job he could, but his focused managed to settle on acting. His natural talent for acting shone forth and melded with his bloodlust, he re-enters the arena and mixes bloodletting with performance making every fight a new show for the audience to enjoy, he has become “The Masquerade of the Arena”

Lion Sprit Totem Barbarian 6
Bard 4
Master of Masks 10

Masks (Assassin, High Priest, Gladiator, Angel, Faceless, Archmage and Dragon)

1 Power Attack
1 Quick draw
3 Combat Expertise
6 Combat Reflexes
9 Improved Trip
12 Improved Bull Rush
15 Shock trooper
18 Practiced Spell caster

The Masquerades fighting style usually starts off with him performing to the audience and using his bardic magic to make him more prepared for the upcoming fight, when the gates are opened he dons the Gladiator mask and charges attempting to trip his opponent with his long spiked chain. If his opponent goes down easily he switches mask to the assassin and draws a new weapon to deliver a finishing stab. If his opponent poses more of a threat he may switch masks to dragon to test a different defence or to Angel to fly out of reach and cast more bardic spells. His various masks allow him to exploit the weakness of many opponents in the arena, whether he would charge recklessly in or wait on the sidelines blasting with his Archmage magic.