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(in character) Hi there, I'm Danzig Nyttafjell, battlemage, and self-proclaimed Nemesis of the Dead.
(out of character) Great discipline, I love how it can cut both ways ...That said, I don't suppose you could include more anti-undead themed maneuvers? It does seem to favour necromancy and creation/bolstering/control of the undead more than combating them. Like, for instance at 8th level, another straight-up anti-undead strike would go really well. Among other levels...

Just something to chew on.
Well, there's actually a discussion going on in the Age of Warriors thread about reducing the total number of maneuvers because it is already larger than standard for a discipline. I don't think fitting in more would really be a great idea at this point (although I agree that an 8th level anti-undead strike would be nice).