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    So...Um, brainstorm. Thought I might do this, since my last post inspired me.

    Here's the value of each of the Battleforces.
    Prices and 'free units' are based on current (1.7.11) prices. The points costs are based on estimated reasonable and non-wasteful wargear upgrades.

    Space Marines; 380 Points. The Tactical and Assault sprue contains a bunch of upgrades easily getting you into the 400-450 mark. The Rhino is completely free.

    Space Wolves; 450-500 Points. The Scouts are half-price and the Drop Pod is free.

    Ravenwing Attack Squadron; ~400 Points for Dark Angels. ~250-350 Points for Space Marines. Its a Fast Attack bonanza! Not only is the Attack Bike half-price, but, the Land Speeder is free. And the box comes with about eleventy million symbols and bike and unit and Land Speeder upgrades. If you don't like the symbols that come on said upgrades, file them off. Problem solved.

    Chaos Space Marines; 550-600 Points (450-550 if you don't use the Posessed). The Possessed and the Rhino are free. Since the Possessed are free, feel absolutely free to cannibalise their parts and make some sweet conversions instead. You'll thank me for it.

    Tyranids; 350-400 Points. Plus Rippers. And that's including non-wasteful upgrades. At least you've got 4 Troops. Plus Rippers. Not really any saving made on buying the Battleforce.

    Eldar; 260-350 Points. And most of those points will be the Wave Serpent. And the War Walker is pretty bad on it's own. Slight discount on the Guardians and the Dire Avengers are free. But you've only got 5 of them.

    Dark Eldar; ~350 Points. The Reaver Jetbikes are free.

    Tau; 330-400 Points. Devilfish is at discount. And the Kroot are free.

    Orks; 230-~300 Points. And that's assuming you don't turn the Warbikers into Nob Warbikers. You're getting the Warbikes at about half-price.

    Imperial Guard; The Command Squad is half-price. The Sentinel is free.
    HQ and x2 Veterans setup; 350-450 Points
    1 Infantry Platoon setup; 250-350 Points

    Necrons; TBA
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