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    Margaret V
    Race: Humanoid part-cyborg
    Sex: F
    Alignment: Loopy.
    Age: 17

    Description: Image no longer entirely accurate, but close.
    She has red-and-black-dyed hair, contrasting with fairly pale skin, itself contrasted by her deep red (regular) eye. Her cyber'd face has a green cybernetic eye; the teeth on that side of her head are chrome.
    She wears brown cargo pants, heavy boots, a dark green thermal pullover, and a hooded black duffle coat.
    She used to be scrawny, but is now somewhere between skinny and actually pretty decently toned.
    She owns but does not wear a fancy cavalier hat with metal feather plumes.

    Equipment/Weapons: Her cyber-eye has night vision and zoom-in functions.
    She seems to be pretty dang hardy.
    Her left mechanical hand can extend metal talons.
    She has some sort of magicky abilities, having displayed the ability to:
    • manifest an energy shield.
    • envelop her metal taloned hand in the same energy as her shield.

    Backstory: Not much is known, other than that she was part of some misguided attempt to make a Magtok by some... not especially bright scientists. She became a bit obsessed with the Mag himself, eventually joining his short-lived organization HATS before disappearing with its abandonment.
    Recently she has been in the care of Dr. Vo, who has been helping her be less of a crazy homeless girl.
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