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    Margaret V
    Race: Humanoid part-cyborg
    Sex: F
    Alignment: Loopy.
    Age: 19

    Description: Image no longer entirely accurate, but close.
    She has red-and-black-dyed hair, contrasting with fairly pale skin, itself contrasted by her deep red (regular) eye. Her cyber'd face has a green cybernetic eye; the teeth on that side of her head are chrome.
    She wears brown cargo pants, heavy boots, a dark green thermal pullover, and a hooded black duffle coat.
    She used to be scrawny, but is now somewhere between skinny and actually pretty decently toned.
    She owns but does not wear a fancy cavalier hat with metal feather plumes.

    Equipment/Weapons: Her cyber-eye has night vision and zoom-in functions.
    She seems to be pretty dang hardy.
    Her left mechanical hand can extend metal talons.
    Of late, she has been studying poisons, especially as connected to Kumo Shikou Ken "punching people and thinking about spiders".

    Backstory: Not much is known, other than that she was part of some misguided attempt to make a Magtok by some... not especially bright scientists. She became a bit obsessed with the Mag himself, eventually joining his short-lived organization HATS before disappearing with its abandonment.
    Recently she has been in the care of Dr. Vo, who has been helping her be less of a crazy homeless girl.
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