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This is my first post here. I'm reading OOTS since the very beginning. What's great with OOTS is that it's one of the only place on the internet where you can escape the usual bitter partisanship and shouting matches in other stupid forums. Really, I always enjoyed OOTS and was looking forward to it every evening... until now.

The last 2 strips puts current politics in this entertaining comics and this is just sad. I happened to be supportive of the recently signed law in that other desert state and this truly turns me off as a reader. I think that these were the last strips for me and I won't be coming back. I'll probably be scorned and yelled at in this forum, so be it.

PS: My main argument about all this is that I came here in the 90s through the legal channel, waited in line, paid the fees and did the paperwork for all the various immigration steps and finally became a US citizen in 2005. So, yes. Contrary to a lot of people talking about the issue, I know quite a bit about the topic and I do not appreciate a bit anyone cutting in line who moreover has the nerve to complain about it.
As usual, there are no references to current politics beyond those readers invent for themselves. But hey, stop reading if it makes you feel better.

At any rate, the rest of you know that politics is a no-fly zone around here, so let's drop the conversation around it.