"Shout... shout... let it all out... these are the things I can do without..."

In response to the calls for this discipline to pare back some of the maneuvers, I present a short list of the maneuvers and stances you could afford to lose, IMO (with reasons).

Avoid Death's Touch - Already have a decent anti-undead stance at 1st level, also this is too dependent on movement, and the payoff really isn't that impressive either.

Channel The Power - Too dependent on either the presence of a cleric in the party, or having cleric levels.

Blind The Dead - Why blind the dead when you can simply do extra damage to them, or destroy certain ones outright?

Fear of Death - Fear is no guarantee of victory in and of itself, and indeed, certain targets are completely immune to fear effects. There's a discipline out there that could use a fear effect like this and it's more in line with the theme, but I can't recall the name off the top of my head.

Scream of the Dying - Sonic damage is more in line with a sound-based discipline like Lost Lyrics or Holy Word, and shaken isn't really worth it for one target. Once again, the fear immunity of certain targets would apply here.

All Things Come To An End - Doesn't really fit with the theme of this class (undeath), being more suited for something like Solaris Arcanum

Stand Against Death - Sure, a counter that replaces a save against certain attacks is handy, but it's only a counter against one attack. And the save bonus isn't that impressive.

Momento Vixisti - First, undead can't be stunned or dazed, and secondly, even if they were, it's no guarantee they are even that helpless. Certain undead (like for instance Angel of Decay) have dangerous abilities that are active non-stop.

The Flesh Still Lives - With a few exceptions, vile damage seems to be more the province of evil magic rather than necromancy (especially corrupt magic). Not to mention, being able to do 1 less die of non-vile damage and raise the slain target as a zombie (Die To Serve) seems like a much more attractive option, as does Life Drain.

Chill of Death - Cold damage, while having the image of "chill of the grave " to it, would be better suited to a discipline like Placid Lake (which utilizes cold). Unless, however, you were going for something approximating Kelgore's Grave Mist or Chill Touch...?

Embrace The Wraith - Honestly, no discipline I've ever seen has had anything at 9th level besides one mighty strike. Although, I did see one which had four of those at 9th level. This would be better as an epic feat for this discipline.

Now, as to my recommendations, I would say that to balance it out, every level (except 9th) should have at least two or more anti-undead maneuvers or stances, to balance out the pro-necromancy stuff. If a level has a necromantic stance like Embrace The Vampire, it should have the antithetic opposite as a stance available.

This would mean there would be a few anti-undead maneuvers added to the higher levels to balance it out, as the lower-level ones are adequately represented. 8th level is sorely lacking, especially.

Just my two cents, hope the input helps.... \m/