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The 'destructive brew' seems to be the core ability of the character, but one gains that from taking only one level of the class. I would opt for a list of successively more complex, powerful and varied explosives, which are learned much like magical spells, except obviously used and prepared as alchemical concoctions instead of magic.
I suppose that could work, though as stated before, most of them would become worthless to a simple use of disintegrate. That's why I went from writing up explosives to making a generic ability to craft them.

I was hoping the rest of the benefits granted by this class would make it tasty enough to keep from dipping.

You have a point, but I'm thinking something last drastic and more useful to keep others from dipping.

Also, to mention mechanics, I too have seen explosives' concussive force explained as crushing damage.

'Tapper' should only instantly tell if small spaces are empty or not - telling what's behind a door, if the answer is a large hall, should only mention a large hall - hearing about the existence of any denizens of large spaces from a simple tap makes no sense.
Sure it does, it's echolocation (i.e. specific blindsense).

Ooze ointment... I would prefer if this was another form of chemical. However, your explanation offered later - having come into contact with so many chemicals that the character simply is disgusting, is interesting. I propose the following: If a character has not bathed for N days (probably 3 or 4, maybe [n-demolisher level] while actively working on one's potions, one gains the advantage not as sweat, but as chemical residue on his skin and clothes.
I dunno, a strong ability that can be negated by a use of a 0-level spell (Prestidigitation) just doesn't sit well with me.

X-ray vision is the thing I have the most problems with. A clearly magical ability for an otherwise mundane class, simply out of the blue? I would probably not allow this class in a game I am running based on this inconsistency alone, even though I feel that it actually fills a gap among class abilities, unlike many other player-made prestige classes.
As you say it fills it in, and the flavor supports it. Just because until now he's not used magic doesn't make it inconsistent. He just hasn't had any need for magic. The thing with a magic world is that it's hard not to adapt to it.

Expert Demolition and Demolition Master seem too powerful to me, fluff-wise. The latter allows some bloke to break through an adamantium-reinforced stone wall made by greatly skilled dwarven craftsmen by knocking really well.
With expert demolition I don't think it's too powerful other than the fact that D&D makes it too powerful. Any one in RL with considerable background knowledge and a lifetime of experience could like figure out the weakspot to any place. This guy is more than that. He's almost a superhero of demolition. By this level he'd be a genius at this sort of thing, a once in a generation person.

Demolition master, well, perhaps he is strong, but the fluff can always be tweaked for your campaign.

Also, there's a huge difference between comprehending the weak points of a wall and finding a way to overcome a demon's natural armour.
Why? Demons still have a structure.