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I suppose that could work, though as stated before, most of them would become worthless to a simple use of disintegrate. Given how the number of times a chemist's abilities can be used is limited only by availability of components and the time it takes to concoct new brews, while a wizard or sorcerer can only disintegrate things a couple of times per day, I would not consider this that big a drawback. That's why I went from writing up explosives to making a generic ability to craft them.

Sure it does, it's echolocation (i.e. specific blindsense).
The fact that echolocation is a real and known thing does not mean that one can learn perfect echolocation just like this. It would probably be better fluff-wise and possibly in terms of balance as well if it would have an upper limit to how much space this ability can show to be empty or not. Echolocation good enough to tell if a box is empty or not and good enough to tell if there are people in a huge room are very far apart, about as much as, say, a ray of frost and a cone of cold.

I dunno, a strong ability that can be negated by a use of a 0-level spell (Prestidigitation) just doesn't sit well with me.
It would be an interesting weakness. You could also rule that the sheer amount of filth means that prestidigitation must be used on each of his body parts separately.

As you say it fills it in, and the flavor supports it. Just because until now he's not used magic doesn't make it inconsistent. He just hasn't had any need for magic. The thing with a magic world is that it's hard not to adapt to it.
I did not say that this ability fills an important gap, I was talking about the class' concept. The explanation offered might be sufficient on a high-magic world, but one where wizards are rare, doubtful.

Why? Demons still have a structure.
So? The class describes a person who has incredible aptitude to structural engineering and chemistry, by virtue of which he or she can bring down buildings. Having similar knowledge regarding the biology of various types of being, including even outsiders, is very far fetched. Surely you do not think that all engineers and architects in the real world have an acute knowledge of the pressure points of a human body?