Jealousy makes the Suel Green.
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I am a rock, I am an island
And a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries
- Simon and Garfunkle

Byerek Runeweaver loved stones as a child. He’d always pick up rocks, stare at them for hours trying to divine their hidden secrets, before smashing them open to find out. He loved their rigid unyieldingness, as well as their stoic silence (unless you knew how to read the whorls and patterns on the surface). Being a typical illumian, Byerek dabbled in various fields, seeking a way to combine his growing interests in ancient magics with the strength of stone. Eventually, after breaking enough rocks, Byerek discovered a rock he couldn’t break. Starmetal was too dense. Awed, Byerek determined that it was his life’s goal to shape his body, mind, and beliefs into a substance as rigid and unyielding as starmetal.

Byerek Runeweaver
Race: AeshKrau Illumian
Levels: Duskblade2/Paladin4/SuelArcanamach1/GreenStarAdept2/AbjurantChamp5/GreenStarAdept+6
32 PB Starting Stats
Str: 17
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 9
Final Stats (with items)
Str: 36 (+4 Tome, +6 Item)
Dex: 12
Con: 24 (+6 Bite of the Wereboar)
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 15 (+6 item)

Level breakdown
1|Duskblade1|Power Attack
2|Duskblade2|Combat Casting (B)
3|Paladin1|Iron Will
6|Paladin4|Law Devotion
7|Suel Arcanamach1|
8| Abjurant Champion 1|
9| Abjurant Champion 2|Shape Soulmeld: Displacer Mantle
10|Green Star Adept1|
11|Green Star Adept 2|
12|Abjurant Champion3|Open Lesser Chakra: Shoulder
13| Abjurant Champion 4|
14| Abjurant Champion |
15|Green Star Adept3|Minor Shapeshift
16|Green Star Adept4|
17|Green Star Adept5|
18|Green Star Adept6|INA: Slam
19|Green Star Adept7|
20|Green Star Adept8|[/table]

Skills by level
Using Cityscape to swap Ride for Tumble for Pally levels
1st: Know:Eng2, Know:Geo2, Jump4 , Spellcraft4 (12 total)
2nd: Decipher Script2, Spellcraft5 (3 total)
3rd: Conc3 (3 total)
4th: Conc4, Tumble2 (3 total)
5th: Tumble5, (3 total)
6th: Conc5, Know:Hist1 (3 total, Hist is CC)
7th: Know:Hist2, Know:Arc4 (5 total)
8th: Know:Arc7 (3 total)
9th: Know:Arc8, Conc7 (3 total)
10th: Conc10 (3 total)
11th: Conc13 (3 total)
12th: Conc14, Jump5 (3 total, Jump is CC)
13th: Conc15, Tumble6 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
14th: Conc16, Tumble7 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
15th: Conc17, Tumble8 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
16th: Conc18, Tumble9 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
17th: Conc19, Tumble10 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
18th: Conc20, Tumble11 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
19th: Conc21, Tumble12 (3 total, Tumble is CC)
20th: Conc22, Tumble13 (3 total, Tumble is CC)

Spells known by level

1st: Ray of Enfeeblement, Resist Energy
2nd: Obscuring Mist
7th: Shield
8th: Enlarge Person, Wraithstrike
9th: Invisibility
11th: Greater Mighty Wallop
12th: Nerveskitter, Fly
13th: Heart of Air, Greater Mirror Image
14th: Trollshape
16th: Ray of Clumsiness, Heart of Water, Bite of the Wereboar
18th: Scintillating Scales, Lightning Leap
20th: Heart of Earth
Spells per day at 20: 0th:4, 1st:15, 2nd:7, 3rd:6, 4th:6, 5th:5, with Versatile Spellcaster to trade up slots.

Description of synergy
Suel Arcanamach, Abjurant Champion, and Green Star Adept actually synergize very well . All 3 require Combat Casting, which Duskblade gives as a bonus feat. Duskblade also gives nearly all of the caster skills required for Suel Arcanamach and Green Star Adept. Suel Arcanamach is normally Cha based casting, but AeshKrau illumian changes the source of bonus spells to Str. Since the Suel spells I picked don’t have saving throws with them, the inherent lack of Cha isn’t a problem. Eventually, the character will have to pick up a +Cha item in order to meet the 10+ Spell Level minimum to cast his spells, but he won’t need a +2 item till level 7, a +4 item till level 8, and a +6 item till level 13. In the mean time, the character will be progressing his Str through level/4 bumps, items, tomes, and the GSA’s Starmetal Rigor (+4 bonus) ability for a final Str score of 36 at ECL20 which grants 4 extra 1st level slots, and 3 extra 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th level slots, making casting effectively Str SAD. Since Suel Arcanamach only has 10 spellcaster levels and this build gets 10/10 Spellcaster levels, it also doesn’t lose any of its casting potential from the suckatude that is Green Star Adept.

Also, given the way caster levels stack, the character’s buffs will be virtually undispellable. When Abjurant Champion’s Martial Arcanist ability kicks in at ECL14, the Suel’s caster level will be set equal to his BAB. At that point, only 2 points of BAB will be missing, so his CL will be 12 (which Illumian Krau sigil raises to 14, equal to ECL). Then we apply GSA’s +1 CL from 1st level for a CL of 15 at ECL14m and THEN we apply Suel’s Tenacious Spells ability for a +6 bonus to CL to resist dispels. At ECL14, the Suel caster will have a CL of 21 to resist dispels, a DC 32 CL check for enemy dispellers. This is WAY out of the reach of a simple Dispel Magic, and even a like leveled enemy caster would need an 18+ on a d20 roll to dispel your buffs. Tack on a Ring of Enduring Arcana for another +4 CL vs dispels and an ECL16 mage with GDM will only get you on a natural 20, assuming no other CL bumps for the dispeller.

Level breaks
ECL1-6 is pretty standard. Walk up to things, hit them with your weapon of choice. You have a few of Duskblade spells with a CL of 3 and bonus spells based on Str (thanks to AeshKrau sigil), but your primary tactic is bashing stuff. Law Devotion also helps you in boss type fights, although you’ll only have enough TU attempts to use it once per day (unless you get the +2 Cha item you need for ECL7 early).

ECL7 gets your first Suel level. You probably won’t cast shield much at this point, given that it’s a standard action. Relax; it’ll get better VERY shortly. This is probably the weakest level in the build.

ECL8, assuming you have your +4 Cha item by this point, gets fun with Wraithstrike. You have 7/8 BAB, and a Str focus, meaning your can PA with the best of them. You’ll only have 2 or so per day from your Str mod, and you can always Versatile Spellcaster your Duskblade spells for more, so when you pull them out, you’ll swing for the fences. You also have Enlarge Person, a nice size buff that’ll get even better in a couple levels.

ECL9, Swiftcasting kicks in, making Shield a swift action. Your shield also protects you with a +6 bonus, a notable increase to your survivability.

ECL11, you gain your Slam attack, just in time to learn Greater Mighty Wallop. This is the first MAJOR power break. Cast GMWallop on your bludgeoning 2hander and on your slam. You’ll only have the CL atm to boost by 1 size, but that’s still a nice boost. Your greatclub will be bumped to 3d8, and your slam will be 2d6 when Enlarged. GMWallop lasts for a decently long time, but it might be worthwhile at this point to pick up a Lesser MM Rod of Extend. It should also be noted that the slam gains 1.5x your Str bonus, like a 2handed weapon. It won’t get 2:1 PA, but this is still an impressive feature considering how focused on improving your Str you will be.

ECL12, the pickup of Open Lesser Chakra opens your Shoulder Chakra, allowing you to bind Displacer Mantle there for a permanent 20% miss chance at all times. You are starting to get REALLY hard to hit.

ECL13, you gain Greater Mirror Image, one of the BEST defensive buffs for ANYONE. As long as your foe doesn’t have True Seeing, your chances to get hit go WAY down. This, combined with the Blur effect at ECL12 means that most foes won’t even find your AC, which will be decently formidable due to your growing Natural Armor and Abjurant Armor special abilities.

ECL14, this is the 2nd major power break. Martial Arcanist kicks in. Your CL is now 14 for your Suel spells. GMWallop skips up to 3 size category increases, which with Enlarge Person sets your Greatclub damage to 6d8 and your slam damage up to 4d6. You are now also undispellable except by VERY dedicated casters. HUGE level.

ECL15, you gain the Minor Shapeshift feat. This, combined with knowledge of Trollshape (less cheesy than Polymorph) means you get a pool of Temp HP equal to your level at nearly all times. Enemies who get through your Blur and your GMI and your decent AC have their damage severely reduced thanks to your still growing DR and this pool of temp HP. If you get hit in combat, you can spent a swift action to refresh this pool of temp HP, effectively erasing a good portion of damage that manages to evade your strong defenses.

ECL16, your offense increases. You gain Bite of the Wereboar, adding another Bludgeoning type natural weapon to your arsenal. Your CL is also be high enough to gain another bump from GMWallop, making your Greatclub move up to 8d8, your slam up to 6d6, and your bite up to 8d6.

ECL18, your touch AC is now WAY too high. A casting of Scintillating Scales turns the 8 NA from Bite of the Wereboar and the 4 NA from GSA into 12 points of Deflection bonus. This, plus the 9 points from the Shield spell gives you a touch AC of 31 at the least. Also, GMWallop caps at this point, thanks to your GSA level bumps and you pick up INA for your Slam. Greatclub is now 12d8, slam is 12d6, and bite is 12d6.

ECL20, more of the same. You gain your last spells and abilities. Your CL is now 17 (from BAB) +2 from Illumian Krau sigil, +4 from GSA for a base CL of 23. Your spell tenacity and Ring of Enduring Arcana increase this by another 10, making for a DC 44 to dispel your magic. That’s well out of the realm of most people casting Greater Dispel Magic, as it caps at CL20. Even someone with an augmented chance to dispel (10 Master Abjurer levels, Inquisition domain power, and a Dispelling Chord) will still need an 11+ on a d20 to touch your spells.

Typical gear at 20

+1 Spellstoring Collision Wounding Holy Greatclub – 128,000g
+5 Thistledown Mithril Chain Shirt with Soulfire – 81,000g
+6 Cha cloak – 36,000g
+6 Str belt – 36,000g
+5 Vest of Resistance – 25,000g
Boots of Speed – 12,000g
Manual of Gainful Exercise +4 – 110,000g
Amulet of Natural Armor +5 – 50,000g
Ring of Enduring Arcana – 6,000g
Nightstick – 10,000g to get to 4 uses of Law Devotion per day
Armbands of Might – 4,100g
Circlet of Rapid Casting – 15,000g
That’s only 513,100g, just under 3/4 WBL. Only items that are really critical to the build are the +Cha item to be able to cast spells, and the +Str items to get more spells, and possibly the Soulfire shirt to shore up that weakness. Thus, wealth is customizable to taste.

Combat breakdown at 20
Long duration buffs running: Bite of the Wereboar, Heart of Air, Heart of Water, Heart of Earth, and GMWallop x3 on Greatclub, Bite, and Slam. Opening round of combat typically starts with a swift Shield followed by Enlarge Person and an immediate Greater Mirror Image. 2nd round of combat is either a full attack, Lightning Leaping into a location to attack, or positioning himself into a defensive position to shield his allies. Subsequent rounds will usually see him activating Law Devotion for a defensive or offensive buff, using Minor Shapeshift to refresh lost temp HP, or casting Wraithstrike, all the while full attacking with 4x club attacks + slam and bite.

BAB17 +14 from Str +7 Law Devotion +1 Haste -1 Size +5 Greater Magic Weapon
Greatclub at +43/+43/+38/+33/+28 for 12d8+31 (avg 85 per hit)
Slam at +38 for 12d6+21 (avg 31)
Bite at +38 for 12d6+21 (avg 31)
For reference, that’s ~441 damage per round vs an AC35 Tarrasque

That’s without a Wraithstrike Power Attack. A full PA attack routine would be:
Greatclub at +26/+26/+21/+16/+11 for 12d8+55 (avg 121 per hit)
Slam at +21 for 12d6+38 (avg 51)
Bite at +21 for 12d6+38 (avg 51)
For reference, that’s ~663 damage per round vs a touch AC5 Tarrasque

Other vitals include225 HP at 20 (assuming average HP), base saves of Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +16 with a +2 to all from Divine Grace and another +5 from the Vest for final saves of Fort +17, Ref +13, Will +23 with a floating +6 on all saves vs poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects and outright immunity to inhaled poisons, drowning, suffocation, sleep, and fatigue effects. Final AC would be 10 + 9 Armor + 16 Natural Armor + 9 Shield = 44 , with another +7 available from defensive Law Devotion, and with a 31 Touch AC with undispellable Scintillating Scales.

End result is a VERY resilient tank that can also dish out enough damage to be a threat while not being SO cheesy that it can 1shot deities. Covers MOST of the main melee weaknesses with his gish spells and innate abilities. He provides almost all of his own buffs, including: flight 70, fortification, on demand Freedom of Movement, DR, renewable temp HP, miss chance, short range teleport, touch attacks on demand, and protection from Dispels. Pretty standard through level 6, with real strength gained at 8, 11, and 14 as class abilities start to kick in. Not dependant on charging. Only real drawback is that your skills will be bad based on the requirements to qualify for Suel and GSA.

PHBII: Duskblade
Complete Arcane: Green Star Adept, Suel Arcanamach
Complete Mage: Abjurant Champion, Heart of Air, Water, and Earth, Minor Shapeshift, Greater Mirror Image, Lightning Leap, Ring of Enduring Arcana
Complete Champion: Law Devotion
Races of Destiny: Illumian, AeshKrau sigil
Races of the Dragon: Greater Mighty Wallop, Versatile Spellcaster
Magic of Incarnum: Shape Soulmeld, Open Lesser Chakra, Displacer Mantle
Spell Compendium: Wraithstrike, Nerveskitter, Trollshape, Ray of Clumsiness, Bite of the Wereboar, Scintillating Scales
Cityscape Web Enhancement: Ride for Tumble skill swap
Magic Item Compendium: Circlet of Rapid Casting, Armbands of Might, Collision Enchantment
Book of Exalted Deeds: Soulfire Enchantment