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    Update 32

    [Happy Amakirr]

    Shot and nearly killed a lizardman who turned up at GLoG and threatened the children. After Tobias finished off the lizardman, the two talked for a while and realized their warrior training gave them a lot in common. Is currently at Watchtower speaking to the three former GLoG members about how to deal with AMEN. Has no idea that there are prophecies about the return of Alek or Shepherd.

    [Darcy Diavolo]

    New AMEN member. Tried to turn Abigail, but was thwarted by Tobias asploding in her face and nearly killing her. Backstory unknown. Watches the "Real Housewives.." series. >.<

    [Sunny Evans]

    After being traumatized by the mental onslaught of machines killing machines during the failed Communist Magbot Revolution, she is now meeting the God of Machines for the first time.


    Met Kal. After learning they were both descendants of important devils, they impulsively made a political alliance, with Decker intending marry Kal once she grows up because "our hatchlings would be totally badass". After finding out that she's destined to marry a catboy one day and give him her cloak, she downgraded Kal to consort since she can only have one true love. They are currently celebrating their betrothal by going on a hunt to slay a demon cult.

    [Winslow Warwick]

    Winslow is a hardworking man who once had his life's work stolen from him by his intern Tom Godlark. He was forced (forced, I say!) to turn to villainy in order to support his wife and kids. Of course the same wife and kids keep his villainy from being too outright and destructive. After all, he doesn't want to destroy the world they go to school in, and his teenage daughter would never forgive him if he did something flamboyantly evil and embarrassed her in front of her friends.

    He's now working in the city of Inside plotting his revenge against Magtok.

    [Willow Warwick]

    Winslow's teenage daughter, working for him over the summer, while enjoying her newfound power over boys. Particularly Arthur Rock, the half-fiend who also works for her father.

    [Winnie Warwick]

    Wife of Winslow. Is busy plotting a dinner party... of DOOOOOOOOM!

    [Hannah Snow]

    Just kidnapped test subjects for the Professor.

    [Peter Raven]

    Has just arrived at NO and is healing peasants outside their gates. This is the first time he's been seen in the Nexus since his undead form was nuked to oblivion.

    [Everyone Else]

    I don't have the energy to do a full character update, but if you're curious about anyone in particular, just ask.
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