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Thread: [3.5] The Monk Remixed

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    Default Re: [3.5] Revised Monk (finally the red-headed stepchild gets some respect and PEACH!

    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    How about ridiculously large bonuses to Balance, Jump, and Tumble
    I'm definitely in favour. Perhaps other Skills as well.

    Martial Arts Homebrew is something I am very interested in. Good Job. Perhaps you'd be interested in cooperating on a more extensive Martal Arts Homebrew coverage?

    I suggest splitting the AC bonus into Dodge and Deflect Bonuses and having each of them advance to +5.

    I'd also suggest something I just suggested for a different Homebrew Class:
    Give them the ability to take 10 foot steps instead of just 5 foot steps.

    Also perhaps an ability that allows them to add any damage their DR soaked over the last round to their melee or thrown attacks (distributed as they like) to represent redirecting the energy of their opponents attacks.

    EDIT: I'd also suggest increasing BAB to Full.
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