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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroticPunch View Post
    I like what you've done to the Monk. Now he can run around and circles, while at the same time doing flips, on a cloud! And he can jump up to the cloud!
    Which is really where it's at!

    Quote Originally Posted by ForzaFiori View Post
    I would just like to say that this monk is awesome enough that I'm playing one in a game right now, and (when the dice decide to stop hating me) it's working great. It still doesn't have the same damage output (which may change with the weapon feat) but I hit so much more (or at least, I would if i didn't always roll 2s) It's an excellent class so far, though I'm only lv 6, and haven't gotten to try out all the stuff yet.
    Wow! I'm excited to hear someone's using it. What can you tell me about your build? What sort of damage have you been scoring, against what types of opponents? Are you using the basic chassis with unarmed strikes, or are you using Crash Like a Wave, Bend Like a Reed with monk weapons?

    Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, I bet I know why your damage is low. You're using all those stock monk feats where you've got to invest in a three-feat chain in order to deal 0.00001 points of extra damage per attack once per day. I've updated my second post with some homebrew variations on classic monk feats. These are the standard feat options for monks in my campaign that I run. Taken with the revised monk, these feats should offer you enough options to deal the same damage the other melee characters are doing. With the right feat selection, you can even rival the damage output of heavy-hitting classes like barbarian, swordsage, and warblade.
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