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    The morning mist hangs heavily over the small port of Tay, and the first fingers of light are only now creeping over the horizon, but most of the town's residents are awake already, loading cargo onto the two ships leaving today. Despite the large amount of traffic that flows through the town, Tay seems almost constrained by the forest around it, holding only the necessary population to handle the ships and their crews, and lacking the excess infrastructure that tends to spring up around such well-suited harbours. Wildgeist, having arrived nearly a week ago on an inbound ship, will have noticed that anyone heading overland on the forest road usually travels in sizeable groups, and those that don't tend to be well-armed.

    Two of the latter arrived two days past and yesterday, as Henri and Ameretat made their way to the most common crossing to the north. Lodging is not difficult to find in Tay, and you've all managed to find out that the smaller of the two ships is heading north to Seurd this morning. All that remains is to secure passage. The captain, an old man with an impressive grey beard that reaches halfway down his chest, is overseeing the loading of the cargo, but from what you can see in the mist, there are already a couple figures on board that don't look like sailors.

    Collected sheets, to make things easier.
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