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    That does sound pretty solid. When compared to a rogue, scout, or ranger, you're more skilled than the usual scout or ranger, you're dealing better damage than a typical scout, and you're more mobile than most rangers or rogues. AC 22 is actually pretty solid for most ECL 6 characters, especially skirmishers, although it sounds like your group may be facing tougher challenges than usual (I suppose that's par for the course in a gestalt game).

    Against casters, your high saves, high touch AC, and Evasion should make tagging you with a direct attack quite difficult. With good Ref saves, in-class Balance and Escape Artist, and blindsense through the ACF if you took it, you're also well-equipped to overcome the typical CR-appropriate battlefield control spells like grease, web, and glitterdust.

    Keep me posted as you find anything's great to hear field reports on the class!
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