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    The captain turns to look down at you, raising an eyebrow. "Another kid headed north, eh? Well, I mostly ship cargo, not people, so I'll only take five silver from you for the passage, same as the other lad. Won't lighten your purse too much for when you get tired of runnin' off t'nowhere and have to come back." Briefly shaking his head, he gestures to the ship. "Go on up, Art'll handle your coin. Art! Another passenger for you to deal with! Don't go pocketing her silver, aye?"

    "Nothing to worry about, captain!" The halfling hops up on the rail, raising a hand briefly in acknowledgement. Lowering her voice, she turns to Henri, finally at eye height. "So, uh, you were supposed to pay me, then? And here I was thinking that coin was intended to elicit preferential treatment." Art gives you a wry grin, balancing on one leg in seeming defiance of the ship's motion.
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