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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinydwarfman View Post
    Fiery Defense suffers a bit the same problem as the fists, but it's not as bad.
    Eagle Claw Attack should require an expenditure of stunning fist uses to prevent monks from having passwall at will.
    Improved Ki Strike and Defense are hard to evaluate, especially considering how MAD has been reduced. I don't know.
    I am wary of Flying Kick, and if you can flurry on a charge it will do ridiculous damage. Uberchargers are frowned upon in my opinion.
    I fell that Fists of Iron should require additional Stunning Fist uses as it gets stronger, to keep it in line with Expansion and the like.

    Thats all for now. I'll post more later.
    We may find ourselves disagreeing on this, but I'm concerned that ten years of monk suckage may be subconsciously influencing you here. Looking at your comments:

    Fiery Defense: I think you've got a point here. I'll nerf this one.
    Eagle Claw Attack: a monk could do the same thing with an adamantine club. If a feat can't do half of what a non-magical weapon material does, what can it do?
    Improved Ki Strike and Defense: I agree. Hard to evaluate. They sort of straddle the border between feats and class features.
    Flying Kick: compare to the feat Spirited Charge, or the 1st-level spell rhino's rush. Again, if a feat can't do what a 1st-level spell can do, what can it do?
    Fists of Iron: Again, why is our frame of reference here a 1st-level power? Why not compare this to mighty wallop or greater mighty wallop instead, or even to righteous might or giant size for that matter?

    We've got to get ourselves out of this trap of thinking that a feat should be weaker than a 1st-level spell or a minor piece of gear.
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