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    Default Re: [3.5] Revised Monk (finally the red-headed stepchild gets some respect and PEACH!

    As a fan of remakes whose tables look almost exactly like the PHB tables, I approve of this fix.

    Some thoughts you're welcome to ignore:

    I'd still consider lowering their skills to 6+int (as ranger), unless you use a Rogue "fix" in your campaign, as well. Especially with the super-huge skill bonuses, they shouldn't actually need to max those skills. This is pretty low on my priority list of things that should change.

    Oddly, I really like that you kept it medium BAB. The way flurry works, and with you making it function the way it should be (really like the combat reflexes bit, btw), the extra iterative of full BAB is moot. A quick comparison. Standard DPS is (Full BAB + weapon enhancement + Stat). Your monk is (.75 BAB + greater magic weapon values + Stat + WIS). At lower levels, this is actually much more potent than full BAB, though the gap closes as level increases -- though it'll certainly never fall below full BAB unless You're Doing It Wrong™.

    That reminds me -- the bit where players get to add Dex to attack/damage if they choose. I'd consider adding a line about "treat as if they possess Weapon Finesse for meeting prerequisites". On the other hand, Shadow Blade is pretty sick on this class. Up to you if you want the synergy to be that high.

    Diamond Soul not being in the text, I assume it's unchanged except for level obtained?

    Ki Shot class feature requires Stunning Fist uses, which your Monk may or may not possess. This brings me to another issue:

    Wis uses/day can get a bit convoluted with multiple abilities to track. You have wis uses/day of at least 4 different abilities, not to mention Wholeness of Body points to track and Stunning Fist uses to boot.

    Have you considered trying to unify that, some? I don't mean to shove my ideas down your throat, but a method I was intending to implement with my own monks and ninjas is a systemic change:

    Ki Pool
    Characters have a Ki Pool equal to (Monk Level + Ninja Level + 1/4th non-monk/ninja HD + WIS modifier). In theory, all characters have such inner talent, but require the correct class features or feats (usually Stunning Fist) to access it.

    This meshing of Ninja's Ki Pool and the Stunning Fist mechanic means Ninjas gain a lot more Ki uses later on in their career, while Monks gain significantly more in the early parts of their career. Naturally, Stunning Fist uses 1 point per use. From here, you can simply change a lot of Monk's class features to take Ki in varying amounts. Then you can load up the late end of their career with improving previous abilities through the expenditure of additional Ki. For example, 12th level: Abundant Step as a move action and 2 points, 16th: Abundant as a Swift for 3-4 points. And maybe even 20th: Immediate action Abundant Step at an astronomical Ki cost (Abrupt Jaunt doesn't seem bad as a capstone...). Also worthy of note, if you actually use that example, it'd be ideal to limit the character to only 1 Abundant Step/turn.
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